Liberal MP caught playing dirty tricks in Guelph with robocalls

Looks like a big plate of crow is being served to the sanctimonious Liberal MP Frank Valeriotte as a recording of a phone call has surfaced in which the female caller ‘worries’ about losing “a woman having the right to choose” if the Conservative candidate is elected. Valeriotte admits that it came from his campaign although there was no mention of who it was during the recording.

Listen to it here

Valeriotte also has a bit of a history of breaking the rules as blogger Christian Conservative discovered here and check out the video posted above where he’s fed self-serving questions during some bizarre ‘interview’ and untruthfully recounts that the polling station at the university was “sanctioned”. (1:25 mark)

Update: Blogger A CAW Worker’s Voice of Reason reminds us that it was the Liberals also who were caught handing out campaign pamphlets at the illegitimate university polling station (see here) 

Update: CBC is reporting that the caller ‘Laurie MacDonald’ used a fake name for illegal robocall (see here)

31 Responses to “Liberal MP caught playing dirty tricks in Guelph with robocalls”

  1. Maryls Says:

    Is he the winner? Good grief!

    • Jen Says:

      Any ordinary reasonable public would ask “what is wrong with this jerk he won in his riding or did he?

  2. dance...dancetotheradio Says:

    Okay, what the f””” is going on?
    What are these communists trying to do?

    They’re being undressed daily.
    It makes no sense.
    Unless you see how desperate the media are to churn.
    And how powerless the communists are now that Canadians have elected a Strong, Stable Conservative Majority.

    • Jen Says:

      THANK GOD, that we have a majority conservative government and we must thank the public who saw through the murky waters(crap) coming from the CBC and other medias, to vote for the Conservative government.
      How about the canadians who have businesses; do you really think that they are going to hand it over to the liberals and ndpqf coalition parties. NEVER!!.
      The NDPQF have made it very clear that big businesses even if it is to the ordinary joe who started from scratch and grew in wealth are to redistribute his or wealth back to the public. People who created their own wealth are not going to simply hand it over to the media’s darlings, the ndpqf/lib coalition.

  3. paulsstuff Says:

    Don’t forget about his campaign literature being handed out at the door of that farce of an advance poll at the university of Guelph.

  4. Michael Harkov Says:


  5. fhl Says:

    Does this rate another Boob Rae apology????????

  6. Bec Says:

    They don’t apologize, they rationalize.

    The sanctimonious bs by this MP in the interview is jaw dropping too.

    • BC Blue Says:

      It’s nauseating isn’t it and who is the shill ‘interviewing” him I wonder?

      • Jen Says:

        Surely it is not someone who is bright enough to figure that he is sobbing his story to her face.
        She should have said to him You won your riding so I don’t see why you are complaining now and not months ago.
        Look V. every polling stations encounters problems some people move just days before election day naturally they will not get their election card at their new home residence in fact the old residence will get the voting card and the new owner might have two one is his and the other belonging to the old resident which tells me that it is the person who has to investigate where their new polling station might be mind you the person at the other end of the phone may not have the new home address either and might innocently direct the caller to the old polling station he, caller normally goes to but unfortunately for some reason at the very last few days that polling station was moved..

  7. Ontario Girl Says:

    Frank Valeriote gave a statement… was an “oversight” to not identify the party.
    “Illegal under the election canada act”.

    now we will hear the excuses & the Liberal cover-up attempts
    Makes you wonder about the elections Canada robocalls now too.
    There’s a scandal here and it’s not the Conservative party.

  8. Ontario Girl Says:

    Send this to Sun News TV before it’s “surpressed”

    • Jen Says:

      CBC is famous for the term ‘ Suppression’ they have suppress many canadians from viewing the PM when he went overseas. They have suppressed canadians from asking or viewing anything of the liberals and now the ndpqf.:
      -ndqf getting money from the american unions
      – some liberals still owe loans to EC since 2004 or later.
      There is more but could think of two so far.

      CBC likes to ‘suppress the conservatives mps from giving their full story’ yet gives foul mouth Pat Martin and the others ‘FREE’ REIN to say whatever they feel like withouth interruption.

  9. Liz J Says:

    Uh oh, say it isn’t so Frankie. especially since you were standing in the HOC like Mr Spic and Span spouting off, making accusations about robocalls…..

  10. Ed Says:

    You, without question have one of the best blogs. You don’t just comment. You investigate and you attribute.
    It’s no wonder you’re such an irritation to people like Kady and her ilk.
    Don’t know where you find the time, but the result of your efforts is worthwhile.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Much appreciated…

    • Jen Says:

      ‘It’s no wonder you’re such an irritation to people like Kady and her ilk’.

      Kady is suppressed into a world where no free thinking outside her bubble (cbc) is allowed.
      Kady has the freedom to get away from her suppressed life at cbc but why bother when she is getting ‘free’ taxpayers money for nothing.

  11. Says:

    sigh whatever same old from both sides of the coin no wonder why i as a young person do not want to vote

  12. Ontario Girl Says:

    Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro is alleging the Liberals used a fake return phone number to make the anti-Burke calls.

    “If he wasn’t trying to intentionally mislead the recipients then why did he use a number and exchange that he knew did not exist?”

    Mr. Del Mastro said the number identified as making the call was 226-209-3758.

  13. Mary T Says:

    There is a little box with a question on your tax return, pay attention to it.
    Elections Canada:
    A, are you a Canadian citizen yes no
    B. As a Canadian citizen do you authorize the Canada Revenue Agency to give your name, address, date of birth and citizenship to Elections Canada to update the national register of electors, yes no
    Your authorization is valid until you file your next return. Your information will only be used for purposes permitted under the Canada Elections Act, which include sharing the information with provincial/territorial election agencies, members of Parliament and registered political parties, as well as candidates at election time.
    With all the elections called every two years, I am sure it was difficult to keep up. How many people, when they move, send a change of address to EC.or Rev. Canada. Not very many I don’t think.
    With such a short time to campaign there will be lots of errors in that list.
    The next election is not for at least 4 yrs, think of how many times one will move to attend school, turn 18, move into lodges or long term care, or across the country to another province.
    It amazes me that a leadership campaign takes months, a bill can take years to get passed, but we are expected to elect a govt in 35 days.

  14. Lynnster1 Says:

    Makes you wonder how many more “mistakes” were made. LOL. Phoning jewish voters on the sabbath, at supper, at midnight? How did the caller identify themselves? It seems that demographic was getting too friendly with the conservatives given all the support to Isreal stuff that’s been going on.

  15. fhl Says:

    Considering all the yelling in the house I think Canadians should demand a written apology from Liberals NDPQ Bloc and Green I mean an apology to the Canadians who voted
    what a waste of taxpayer money
    dirty politics by these parties
    I have yet to see any evidence of Conservative dirty tricks

  16. Ryan Says:

    Wow the kool-aid is strong in here!

    That call was neither untrue, nor *misrepresenting* the origin, nor an illegal attempt to suppress voter turn out by pretending to be elections canada. The two calls are just not comparable at all!

    Yet you guys are falling over yourselves trying to pat each other on the back. Intellectually dishonest, and quite frankly embarrassing. You don’t give a rats ass about principles as long as its “your guy” who’s winning.

    I’m so ashamed for the future of this country.

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