Liberals use dirty-tricks in BC campaign

When Liberals use loop holes and being in power to skirt election laws, it’s all just fine and dandy with them.

Recent case in point is here in BC. We have two by-elections to be called and Christy Clark is using the office of government to delay dropping the writ while her candidate, Laurie Throness, breaks sign by-laws and spends big money on advertising.

“I’m not waiting for an official election call. We’re mounting an aggressive campaign and we’re choosing to spend some money now.” (see here)

I’m sure there will be non-stop media-outrage coverage over this right?


Media didn’t have to sign-in to access Toews’ divorce documents

A much sought out detail about who may have had Conservative MP Vic Toews’ divorce documents is revealed in this very good column from CP’s Jennifer Ditchburn about public access:

Toews last week obtained a court order to see who had accessed his divorce file – parties to the litigation and journalists would not be listed. (see here)

Why are journos allowed to secretly look at people’s divorce documents? What other personal information accesses do they have that we are unaware of?

Just don’t expect those in the media to come forward and let us know.

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