Media didn’t have to sign-in to access Toews’ divorce documents

A much sought out detail about who may have had Conservative MP Vic Toews’ divorce documents is revealed in this very good column from CP’s Jennifer Ditchburn about public access:

Toews last week obtained a court order to see who had accessed his divorce file – parties to the litigation and journalists would not be listed. (see here)

Why are journos allowed to secretly look at people’s divorce documents? What other personal information accesses do they have that we are unaware of?

Just don’t expect those in the media to come forward and let us know.

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  1. Liz J Says:

    Now that’s something that needs to be changed!
    I’m sure divorces are traumatic enough for the people and families who go through them and that goes doubly for a person in public life. In the case of Toews it’s simply another example of dirty politics and a complete lack of moral fiber from the media and opposition in yet another attempt to put a Conservative MP down and sully his reputation.

    • Bec Says:

      This is unacceptable and particularly in THIS political climate with some of these out for blood kooks running the asylum.
      I agree with Liz J and you, why is this allowed indeed!

  2. wilson Says:

    The public (MEDIA) also is shown your TAX RETURN, S.I.N. number etc…..
    Where’s the outrage from our Privacy Commish!!!!

    ”…That includes not just bitter affidavits but social insurance numbers, tax returns, mortgage statements, investment details – the list goes on. Even if a case is settled prior to going before a judge, the files remain….”
    Read it on Global News: Global News | Vikileaks scandal sparks debate on public access to divorce files

  3. Alain Says:

    The media are the last people who should have free access to this or any of the other information mentioned by Wilson. This must be stopped pronto.

    • BC Blue Says:

      It really makes me unbelievably uncomfortable and worried about what else they can secretly search through

      • wilson Says:

        Yah, outrage over a child porn freak’s IP address and phone number being made accessible to the police,
        yet the media can see a person’s tax return and s.i.n. at a whim….!!!!!

        And now Bob Rae’s boy has all that info too, who shopped it to him?
        Someone connected to the divorce or the media?
        How far was the Minister Toews personal info shopped?

  4. Jen Says:

    Yeah and they all complain that the police invades privacies without a warrant yet the media has free pass into your intimate
    detail of your private life.
    The police however cannot reveal to the public of their findings like a death of a child’s name without the permission of the parent nor are they to divulge any intimate details of your private life to the public without your permission.

    Change the rules and make private lifes files private.

  5. Ontario Girl Says:

    If you sell a property you can get all the details of the sale for about $5…everything on the documents of the sale. Thats another thing that is unsettling. It’s really no bodys business.

    • wilson Says:

      When you list your house with a Realtor, all sale/purchase price info on every house ever listed and sold, is available to any Realtor in the future to search and send to clients, via MLS and provincial Realestate Boards.
      The original mortage amount is on your property title.

      is it the same in Ontario?

  6. NeilD Says:

    They say the public has a right to know but all they want to do is sell newspaper advertising around their so called ‘news’ articles.
    There was recent coverage of a police press conference in Toronto about a girl who had gone missing two years ago and whose body was recently discovered. The last thing the police officer said was that the family wished to grieve without intrusion. The very next shot was a television reporter standing at the mother’s apartment talking through a closed door. I would say that there are a multitude of things the public has absolutely NO right to know and the private lives of people is just one of them!
    I felt like I wanted to shower after watching that reporter invade the grieving mothers privacy like he did.

  7. Mary T Says:

    Didn’t some columnist say someone had been shopping those files around and no one would bite. Now I wonder if it wasn’t a columnist that got them and finally found someone to make them public.
    Anyone interested in Pat Martin’s divorce, might be interesting to some people.

  8. Bec Says:

    I guess we can all be certain in our assumption about how “Anonymous” ascertained the info that they were threatening to release.
    This had to be shopped. Nothing else makes sense.

  9. Ontario Girl Says:

    Wilson:is it the same in Ontario?

    Yes it is.
    Mary T. Don Martin was waving around papers on P&P and he said it was Vic Toews divorce papers and they had them for a few years but didn’t use them?????

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