Lawyer using courts as political weapon against Ford

Well-known activist lawyer Clayton Ruby is in the media again, this time for being ‘hired’ by someone who has a history of backing Left-wing causes to attack Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

I put the word “hired” in quotation marks because, surprise, Ruby has taken the case pro bono. (see here)

The Left only like democracy when it’s their side that wins.

Also: Don’t forget that it was Ruby who defended NDP MP Svend Robinson when he was caught stealing a $21K diamond ring


4 Responses to “Lawyer using courts as political weapon against Ford”

  1. ohboy Says:

    I just finished ‘A Matter Of Principle’…Conrad Black’s latest book.

    Well worth the read if only for his take on the legal system & lawyers.
    …though it covers much more.

  2. Ontario Girl Says:

    Maybe the lefty groups are going after smaller Conservative fish now, since they couldn’t get an axe in the head of PM Harper(re: Quebec flyers ) on Robocalls.I guess votes by people other then Liberals and NDP don’t count in looney lefty democracy.

  3. guffman Says:

    This seems to be the latest trend for the lefties… if you can’t get power through the normal means (ie ‘votes’) then try to take the winners to court claiming they’re in office illegally.
    More of the “sore loser” syndrome, or should we just call it “the lefty loser syndrome” (LLS)?

  4. barry nussbaum Says:

    This brings memories of the past, birds of a feather flock together!

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