Liberal MP has some explaining to do about his robocall story

There are two things with Liberal MP Frank Valeriote’s version of his campaign’s illegal robocalls (see here) that don’t pass the smell test:

1) He’s stated that Elections Canada has told him that this robocall complied with election law (see here). This statement is either untrue or Elections Canada is completely incompetent. It is clearly illegal to run robocalls without identifying the party source.

2) Although this robocall was set up and paid for by his campaign with a caller using a fake name and not identifying it as coming from the Liberal Party, Valeriote only told Elections Canada a week ago after an investigation was already underway in Guelph. (see here)

Can’t wait to hear how he squares these.

Update: Problem solved as Liberals deem robocalls “not advertising” so they couldn’t have broken law (see here)


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  1. Liz J Says:

    Perhaps a do-over election in Guelph?

  2. Joanne (BLY) Says:

    Good post. We need answers.

    If what the Valeriote campaign did was illegal, why did Elections Canada supposedly tell him it was o.k.? Are there no consequences for breaking an election law? Or are there only consequences if you belong to the CPC?

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  4. Bec Says:

    Everyone should have a problem with this story because by this MP stating that it was an “oversight” implies that he was aware of the strategy and gave his stamp of approval to deceive.

    What it says to me is that 1 bad apple who purposely used an alias and for reasons unknown (deception?,) left out the party name but had the calls paid for by the campaign had approval from someone involved with the campaign.

  5. Says:

    I don’t think he volunteered that information until after EC found out and they asked him.

  6. Joe Says:

    Well I suppose Frank Valeriote could square this by resigning his seat thus causing the do over the Dippy Libs have been seeking since the Conservatives won their first minority.

  7. Jen Says:

    He walks, every media in town will either say nothing or keep the story at a very low key. SNN included.
    When this happens we know definitely know it is ‘NOT’ the conservatives.
    But, if it was a ‘conservative, we definitely ‘WILL’ hear about it for decades to come.

    O/T, Nathan Cullen has said that he is going to down the ‘oilsands and the XLpipelines.. Thousands upon thousands of jobs will be lost gone and our economy will be affected. Cullen is not the only one who wants the shut down the oilsands our bloodline to wealth, Megan Leslie and a few liberals past and present said the same.
    Yet these people yell ‘there are no jobs’ but what bothers me is that none none of the msm reporters including SNN have axsked Cullen serious questions- I guess they are in a trance with Jack Layton that they remain speechless -IDIOTS.
    As Prdeston Manning said on SNN basically ‘ no one knows who and what the NDP really stands for’ – apparently they are given a ‘free’ ride without being questioned. THEY NDP WANT TO SHUT DOWN OUR ECONOMY and all the media reporters can do is say nothing yet they have no problems what so ever talking about or inventing something against the CONS and the PM.
    These medias better wake up fast because ‘outsiders’ are having a ‘ FIELD DAY with the canadian medias’ ignorance and hatred for the Harper Government and CANADA.

    • Liz J Says:

      Sounds like Cullen would be shutting down the engine that’s driving our economy right now. No surprise, he’s NDP, they all lack the capacity for reasoned thought.

  8. mel wilde Says:

    Elections Canada is not incompetent. They are simply enthralled with their benefactor ” the Federal Liberal party”!

  9. Ontario Girl Says:

    Frank V says elections Canada approved it…then it was reported that elections Canada wouldn’t comment on this, BUT elections Canada did say this was illegal.
    Frank V attacking Conservatives for robocalling but doesn’t fess up on his OWN robocalling untill caught on taped message his campagne sent out.

    Still waiting…waiting…for Pierre Poutine….what’s taking so long? Media have to get their cover up stories together?

  10. Grant Bowen (@bow_en_arrow) Says:

    Pretending to be Elections Canada to prevent voters from casting a ballot: ILLEGAL
    Having an actor tell the TRUTH about a candidate but neglecting to state party affiliation: WRONG

    Can you see the difference?

  11. Alberta Girl Says:

    Sigh….Grant – no one is disputing that. Of course it is wrong. The difference is that we have evidence of the involvement of the Liberals in one and no evidence of the involvement of the CPC in the other.

    Can you see the difference?

  12. Ontario Girl Says:

    Frank Valeriote was not open with the Guelph voters. Why NOT? How many not so Frank calls were made and who got them? Where did they get their list to call from? So many questions. Maybe he can really be Frank with us now.

    Both type of calls are illegal…only difference is Liberals were forced to admit they used illegal robocalls and the other issue has not been proven. Just opposition coalition smears aided by the media.

    And there was Frank Valeriote hitting all the talk shows, so holy and outraged his veins were popping, yet not a WORD of his ILLEGAL activity.Talk about information “suppression”.

    BTW… that you Frank?

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