Liberal MP caught lying about Election Canada not calling robocalls “ads”

Buried near the bottom of this misleading titled story from the CBC is a sentence that proves Liberal MP Frank Valeriote lied about getting assertions (see here) from Election Canada as to his robocalls being legal:

The Liberals argued Elections Canada had decided robocalls don’t constitute advertising, but a spokesman for Elections Canada said Tuesday they do count. (see here)

How Valeriote can stay within the Liberal caucus after misleading Parliament and spreading false information to cover his illegal activities is beyond me.

The only question now is whether he has an ounce of integrity and resign.

Christy Clark calls Harper an “asshole” in email

Not only did Christy Clark call Stephen Harper an “asshole“, she also said that Conservatives were “shitheads” in emails seen by a BC blogger:

Spent her entire time as a talk show host reading from federal Liberal speaking notes when dealing with national issues (I know at least two people that have shown me emails sent to her, including responses, about what kind of “shitheads” Conservatives are and how Stephen Harper was (is) an “asshole.”)  Spent years HAMMERING Stephen Harper for little or no reason–and all with federal Liberal talking points sitting right in front of her–retyped and ready. (see here)

I would love to hear Preston Manning, who invited Liberal Christy Clark to his conference in Ottawa (see here) and those ‘conservatives’ who defended her being there, please let us know if they agree?

Robocall super-sleuth duo gets story wrong, decide to double-down & drag guy through mud

The big scoop promised on Sunday by Postmedia’s Stephen Maher and Glen McGregor was that the infamous “Pierre Poutine” was going to be talking with Elections Canada Monday (see here) but it didn’t happen.

But instead of owning up to a false story based on anonymous sources, Maher and McGregor run this follow-up today titled “Michael Sona has not confessed to Guelph calls” (see here) as ‘justification’ for their false story from two days earlier.

Classic yellow-journalism following along the old adage “when did you stop beating your wife?”

Also: The robocall super-sleuth duo discover to everyone’s horror that Conservative MP Del Mastro issued a call-out to his supporters! (see here)

Update: The smear of Conservative staffer continues from the super-sleuth robocall duo (see here)

National Post editor makes columnist Coyne look like a fool over robobcall ‘conspiracy’

Kelly McParland goes out of his way to call-out and compare his co-workers at the National Post such as their uber-star columnist Andrew Coyne to those “inside the fetid confines of the Toronto Star” for their pushing of the conspiracy that the voter suppression robocalls went right to the top of the Conservative Party. (see here)

It’s nice to see a big-shot editor like McParland catch up to us lowly bloggers who nailed Coyne 3 weeks ago (see here) because as always, it’s better late than never.

Now, will Coyne just continue the slow climb-down I’ve noticed him trying to do since that embarrassing column (and multiple Tweets) or actually own up and admit that the NP made a mistake paying so much to get him to come over from Mcleans?

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