Liberal staffer behind Toews’ divorce Tweets refuses to attend committee calling it “illegitimate”

Through his NDP-endorsing lawyer Paul Champ, (who I have had dealings with via Amir Attaran see here) disgraced long-time Liberal staffer Adam Carroll has thumbed his nose at the MPs who have asked him attend a committee meeting.

Champ continues to cite Carroll’s mysterious recently obtained “health issues” as the reason and stating he will not “comply with the summons” regardless. (see here)

I do wonder how an unemployed guy can afford the services of Champ?

Also: As a side note, check out CBC’s Kady O’Malley’s arrogant ‘I told you so’ line included in her blog:

“Yes, just like I’ve been saying all along. At some point, wouldn’t it make more sense to listen to me, PMO procedural warfare unit?”

CBC Kady certainly does hold herself in high esteem now doesn’t she?


Stockwell Day poses with assassin’s best friend at Liberal campaign

I’m going to give Stockwell Day the benefit of the doubt that he didn’t know that he was taking a picture with the disgraced BC Liberal executive member, Tariq Ghuman, who resigned two weeks ago for bringing a convicted attempted murderer with him to the Liberal’s budget speech (see here) but when you lie down with snakes…

Snakes who call Conservatives “shitheads” and Stephen Harper an “asshole” in emails to newsroom employees (see here)

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