CP’s Ditchburn goes to turn-coat Inky Mark for smear on Conservative’s data system

I can’t wait for Canadian Press’ Jennifer Ditchburn to now get comment from other ‘highly regarded’ ex-Conservatives that have no axes to grind such as:

– Belinda Stronach

– Helena Guergis

– Garth Turner

– Joe Clark

– Scott Brison

Tingling with anticipation…(see here)

Christy Clark’s new “Harperite” hires are hurting federal Conservatives in BC

Liberal Christy Clark’s new-found ‘love’ for all things conservative is not only blowing up in her face, it is becoming a liability for us true federal Conservatives out this way in BC.

My warnings about Clark’s hiring of Conservative Trojan Horse Ken Boessenkool (see here) has actually begun to manifest in a way I didn’t foresee but in hindsight, makes perfect sense.

Christy Clark has many of the BC media in her back pocket who have done their best to ignore negative stories, deflect and flat-out misdirect for her benefit and even now when Clark’s newly hired people earn the ire of the media, they lash out at Harper instead.

Clark’s new communication director is Sara MacIntyre who last worked for PM Stephen Harper, was hired by her friend Boessenkool and has unbelievably ticked-off the BC media including her friends within. For a lesson on how not to do your job as a media coordinator, check out these two Global videos from Tuesday and Wednesday. You will never find anything this bad and think that this happened on back-to-back days in the first week on the job.

Did you notice the voice heard in the Wednesday video stating “that may be the way the Prime Minister’s office works but that’s not the way things are done here in BC”?

And also, check out how CBC is also playing it the same way:

The new media strategy is fronted by a new communications director, Sara MacIntyre, who used to work in the Prime Minister’s Office under Stephen Harper.

MacIntyre raised hackles at an event Tuesday when she started using a Harper style of media management, calling on reporters from a list of names rather than allowing a more traditional scrum.

MacIntyre is the third hire from among the ranks of former PMO staffers.

Ken Boessenkool, who served as senior policy advisor and strategist to Harper, is the premier’s new chief of staff, and Dimitri Pantazopoulos, the former Harper pollster, has been named principal secretary. (see here)

No mention of course that there may actually be very good reasons why these people are no longer working for Harper.

Update: Proving my point is this Tweet from CTV’s Don Martin

“Former PMO flak Sara MacIntyre must be missing the national press gallery after this BC encounter . Ouch”

Update: And on it goes… CTV’s Bob Fife  “The exchange brought back all the memories of what we go through every day with the Harper government: tight media control, lack of respect for the media. She’s taken the Harper media plan and brought it to B.C.,” (see here)

Update: Globe columnist latest to attach Christy Clark’s rudeness to Harper here

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