NDP-backed online petition group should pay for 30K+ “bogus robocall contacts”

Now that Elections Canada has officially declared (see here) what we already knew (see here) that the partisan group Leadnow were the ones behind flooding the system with their robospam just to damage the Conservative Party, will they be sent the bill?

Elections Canada hired 14 staff just to deal with Leadnow’s spamming online forms not to mention how many other complaints and investigations may have been delayed or ignored while dealing with this deluge. By the way, Leadnow still continues to spam Elections Canada. (see here)

To me, this is an obvious case of mischief by a politically motivated group and they should now pay the same as any other vandal who has been caught.




13 Responses to “NDP-backed online petition group should pay for 30K+ “bogus robocall contacts””

  1. James Says:

    They should just stop taking online complaints. You want to complain? Write a letter or phone them.

  2. Jeff Bridge Says:

    I agree they should get billed and find.This whole thing is beyond ridiculous.

  3. jparcjr Says:

    I guess I am the only one on these leadnow forms that is against all they want to do. I get verbally attacked by all of the other members yet I am the only voice of reason there it seems. They see things the way that all left wing fanatics seethem, through rose color glasses

  4. Liz J Says:

    Agree, online complaints should not be accepted, never should have been.

    Yes, take legal action and make them pay, this is not a third world country where power crazy leftists can interfere with our democracy, this is serious stuff and should not be ignored. This is not our bill to pay in a democratic country run by rule of law and that has to be made clear to these bozos.

  5. William In Ajax Says:

    What Leadnow has done is maliciously obscure a legitimate investigation by EC…
    As well, Liberal and NDP websites have been soliciting their voter base for supporting complaints…

    Elections Canada knows this…
    Everyone (knows) this..!

    EC is NOT impressed in fact they’re pissed, count on major changes to our election laws,
    and heavy penalties to the parties responsible.
    Third party interference in our electoral process, should be strictly controlled, if not banned entirely!

  6. Ontario Girl Says:

    Maybe they should call Ian Capstick, Robin Sears and Judy Reddick, to name three NDP into the parliament committee at the same time as Elections Canada , to ask them what their purpose was to” tarnish the system” into the robo calls investigation. Maybe they can ask them what they know, about the actual robocalling while they are at it. Get them out in public, and not hiding behind the internet and the media.

  7. paulsstuff Says:

    This is quite interesting. From the PM’s former assistant Ian Brodie.Lawrence Martin tries to make the story Brodie thinks there was some massive conspiracy regarding the robocalls, when in fact Brodie revealed just how difficult it wouuld be to get a list of opposition supporters, with Elections Canada being the source for the information:

    “”Brodie said in an email to Martin that the culprit may not have needed to have access to CIMS, because so much information about voters is available from public sources, including Elections Canada, which lists donations.

    “If you gave me an hour, I could cull a list of known Liberal and NDP supporters that added up to more than ten thousand names — using nothing but the Elections Canada website! And if I had a reasonably competent amateur programmer, I could match my list of known supporters to home telephone numbers in a single afternoon. Five cents per name and a few quotes from a few demon dial companies and there you go — a very large calling campaign.”

  8. Martin Says:

    A simple statement from EC that only signed, written detailed complaints about robocalls will be considered, would help solve the problem. It would dramatically lower the number of complaints. EC might have thought of this beforehand.

    • Grant Bowen (@bow_en_arrow) Says:

      Awesome! Let’s dial the clock back 30 years before email! Brilliant!

      Love to see a link that supports the idea that the 14 staff were hired JUST to deal with the deluge of camplaints and not also to deal with the ever-expanding investigation

  9. JohnnyD Says:

    See, this is a problem of bureacracy. Elections Canada hires 14 new employees rather than let someone hit the DELETE button on their e-mails. I’m surprised they don’t require instruction manuals for toilet paper.

  10. Grant Bowen (@bow_en_arrow) Says:

    Every citizen has a right to contact public officials. If this were a petition against a non-Conservative scandal, you folks would be happier than…

    • Alain Says:

      Please do not project your own behaviour onto everyone else. When something is wrong, it is wrong. This is not a partisan issue, although that is exactly what the motivation was in attempting to fabricate a scandal.

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