Globe’s Martin quotes Harper’s ex-chief staff off record, story pulled

I got a kick out of the  National Post’s Andrew Coyne using a section of a story from the Globe and Mail (see here) which was based on a Lawrence Martin email exchange between himself and Ian Brodie. Coyne used it as ‘evidence to support his robocall conspiracy theory during a Twitter spat he and I had.

What I found so amusing was that while Coyne was doing his usual trick of calling me names like “liar” and saying I took his quote “out of context”, he reference a story that only used a partial transcript of an email exchange between Martin and Brodie.

Martin was apparently in an off-the-record conversation with Brodie although he posted the full set of emails on iPolitics until it was pulled down as a Postmedia story mentions here.

This was pointed out to Coyne by someone who read it on blogger CAW Worker’s Voice of Reason to which he responded:

“That’s ironic, ’cause you’re quoting Maher/McGregor out of context.”

Of course Coyne won’t admit how stupid he looks after his on-line rant because that’s the way he operates. You call him out, he responds by name-calling, revels in the support of his Liberal fans, claims victory and then disappears until next time.

Pathetic but it’s a common trait with the Ottawa Press Gallery elite as they will do anything to have to keep from admitting being wrong, biased or agenda driven.

I’m sure that this Coyne latest flip-out had nothing to do with me pointing out what a fool his editor made of him here.

Update: CBC’s Terry Milewski decided last night to get into the act as well

“And the Skoreyko Award for Dumb Lies goes to…Skoreyko! For his fake story that CBC “faked” the robo-calls Pricelessly stupid.”

NDP MP calls economics professor a “dickhead”

Guess which NDP MP has lashed out again on Twitter…

“the good new is I wrote “F**k You Stephen Gordon’ then erased it. But I reserve the right to call you a pompous dickhead”

See the full Twitter exchange here

I certainly hope the Ottawa Press Gallery members are proud of their favourite quote machine Pat Martin.

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