Globe’s Martin quotes Harper’s ex-chief staff off record, story pulled

I got a kick out of the  National Post’s Andrew Coyne using a section of a story from the Globe and Mail (see here) which was based on a Lawrence Martin email exchange between himself and Ian Brodie. Coyne used it as ‘evidence to support his robocall conspiracy theory during a Twitter spat he and I had.

What I found so amusing was that while Coyne was doing his usual trick of calling me names like “liar” and saying I took his quote “out of context”, he reference a story that only used a partial transcript of an email exchange between Martin and Brodie.

Martin was apparently in an off-the-record conversation with Brodie although he posted the full set of emails on iPolitics until it was pulled down as a Postmedia story mentions here.

This was pointed out to Coyne by someone who read it on blogger CAW Worker’s Voice of Reason to which he responded:

“That’s ironic, ’cause you’re quoting Maher/McGregor out of context.”

Of course Coyne won’t admit how stupid he looks after his on-line rant because that’s the way he operates. You call him out, he responds by name-calling, revels in the support of his Liberal fans, claims victory and then disappears until next time.

Pathetic but it’s a common trait with the Ottawa Press Gallery elite as they will do anything to have to keep from admitting being wrong, biased or agenda driven.

I’m sure that this Coyne latest flip-out had nothing to do with me pointing out what a fool his editor made of him here.

Update: CBC’s Terry Milewski decided last night to get into the act as well

“And the Skoreyko Award for Dumb Lies goes to…Skoreyko! For his fake story that CBC “faked” the robo-calls Pricelessly stupid.”

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  1. guffman Says:

    How Andrew Coyne has fallen… sad. He used to be a journalist I respected and enjoyed. Don’t click on anything with his name anymore.

  2. Lyndia Says:

    Me neither. I started to read his columns in the NP but then he returned to form. He is a liberal–he waffles here and there and is a *******.

  3. Honest Abe Says:

    Amusingly, you quote Coyne calling you “out of context” out of context. What he wrote was: “That’s not even out of context, it’s just made up.” So his point was actually not about context in the first place. He was referring to a quotation which you attributed to him which you had fabricated. And, as it turns out, the quotation which you attributed to him, as a basis for attacking him, was a fabrication. So, he called you a liar because you were lying. Unfortunately for you, your lying was exposed plain for everyone to see. So, with your lies having been exposed, you’re complaining about being called a liar. Life must be hard for you.

    • BC Blue Says:

      And here’s one of Coyne’s little fans I mentioned. So very cute to see…

    • blamecrash Says:

      Never trust anyone who calls himself “Honest” right off the bat. It’s an old snake oil salesman trick from way back. This manipulative technique is aimed at the naive who are incredulous that someone could blatantly lie to their face.
      The journalistic frauds that heavily populate today’s media also use this same technique, although they don’t use words like “honest”. Instead they count on their professional standings and celebrity status to provide cover for their lying, cheating and manipulating.
      To bad for them that today’s informed consumer of current events is well aware of these louts low brow deeds.

      • BC Blue Says:

        Good point and I’d add that they also have counted on (until Sun News’ emergence) their fellow journos to never, ever call them on their BS or lies.

  4. Hans Says:

    A hay penny thought for your Coyne on Saint Paddy’s day.

    The man likes to write LIEberal BLARNEY…hoist a toast and forget the nonsense.


    Hans-Christian Georg Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

    Frankenstein Battalion
    2nd Squadron: Ulanen-(Lancers) Regiment Großherzog Friedrich von Baden(Rheinisches) Nr.7(Saarbrucken)
    Knecht Rupprecht Division
    Hans Corps
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”

  5. bsenka Says:

    Scary to think that Coyne is still probably the least biased of CBC’s political commentators. Talk about stacking the deck.

  6. Mary Hines Says:

    How could he be a regular on CBC and not be a true liberal hack? Peter wouldn’t allow him to be there unless he agreed to bash the conservatives on a regular basis. Peter starts the sessions off with liberal bias from Milesky as his lead in – and they are away… They make me ill!

  7. Liz J Says:

    If you ask me I’d say Coyne and a few more of his sort are bloody childish.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Coyne knows he exposed himself badly on this robocall issue by jumping on it as a vast conspiracy so quickly and is backed into a corner lashing out.

  8. Bec Says:

    Here’s what happened to Andrew Coyne, technology. it happens to many fo us.

    From my perspective, it’s sad because I’d enjoy the gumboot image of a journalist going on the trail of a story. Sadly, these losers haven’t done that for ….hmmm… least during the life of this Conservative govt. They are in ‘gong show mode’ 24/7 inc and especially this journalist.

  9. dance...dancetotheradio Says:

    Andrew Coyne based his endorsement of the Liberals in the last election on his perception that the Conservatives were responsible for the toxic atmosphere in Parliament.

    Since then, we’ve had Trudeau call a minister a piece of shit in the House and advocate for separatism if the bogeyman Harper acts on a non-existent hidden agenda.
    We’ve also seen Pat Martin tweeting f-bombs from the floor of the House, making libellous accusations outside the safety of the House and subsequently ‘apologizing’.
    Then there’s Toothy Turmel weighing in with her Daily Disconnect in Question Period.
    And just for the icing on the cake we have seen Bob Rae call the robocall issue Harper’s Nixonian Moment.
    Later, when confronted with evidence that his minions were far from lily white, he had to apologize and then ‘clarified’ the issue with his Clintonian definition of a good robocall.

    Qustion for Coyne: Are you serious?

    • BC Blue Says:

      And he still is pushing that same meme as to why the robocalls must be a wide Conservative conspiracy reaching all the way to the top. He just won’t admit being wrong about anything.

      • dance...dancetotheradio Says:

        My hero, Breitbart, said that Conservatives aren’t taking it anymore.
        We’re pushing back.

        An aside: I was watching a repeat of SNL tonight with my family and Fred Armisen, who is the best and funniest member of that cast, appeared on Weekend Update as that guy with a bunch of newspapers who couldn’t make an argument.
        I thought, newspapers, hmm.
        There won’t be any of those in a few years time.
        I mean actual paper newspapers.

        I’d like to know if the environmentalists would give anyone any credit for that.

      • Says:

        In December 2006, Coyne, who was on set with Mansbridge and contributing for the CBC at the Lib leadership convention, stated after Dion had won that the CPoC may be mocking the new Lib leader but they do so at their own peril, that Dion is not to be underestimated. And we all saw how that one turned out. So we don’t need Coyne to admit when he’s wrong. His sad history of bad prognostication and poor judgment — self-evident almost every Thu night — makes it plain for everyone to see.

        • BC Blue Says:

          Thank you for the reminder.


          “Mr. Dion’s chances of success in the short term are much greater than is commonly assumed”

          – “Perhaps, also, it will take him some time to connect with the public. But his appeal grows, I think, with repeated viewings. Those who imagine Mr. Harper rubbing his hands with glee at the prospect of facing him in a quick election do an injustice not only to Mr. Dion but to Mr. Harper, who of all people will know that in politics the advantage is always to the underestimated. Mr. Dion will be a hard target to hit, much harder than Mr. Ignatieff or Bob Rae would have been.”

          – “Mr. Dion has no serious rivals at the moment, such is the devastation of the party old guard.”

        • dance...dancetotheradio Says:

          Hey jon_se38,

          Can we infer then that Coyne also endorsed all of Dion’s policy prescriptions?
          I am asking because I am seeking to establish a pattern of Coyne-ey-istic prognostications that consistently land on the wrong side of reason and reality.
          Leftists in rightist clothing must be shown for what they are.
          We’ve suffered that in the media for the past, what, thirty years or more?

    • BC Blue Says:

      The column in question… Coyne sticks his foot in his mouth a few times:

  10. BC Blue Says:

    Coyne April 27 2011:

    “The Conservatives are not going to get their coveted majority after 4 tries”

    • dance...dancetotheradio Says:

      I have tried to make the argument a few times that the last election was not about anything other than the opposition parties thinking they had the leverage to win as a Collective.
      And that they would jostle for seats at the table.

      After five or six years of minority government the voters said Okay, let’s give Harper his due.

      Robocall is nothing but sour grapes.

  11. Sean M Says:

    Coyne is a typical “Liberal”… he can never admit he’s wrong, and he will never apologize for being so… Coyne was one of the first “Liberal” soldiers out of the gate screaming unfounded accusations at the Conservative Government, lighting his hair on fire, and leading the Media Party lynch mob with a pitch fork in one hand and a torch in the other. Coyne is desperate… a loyal “Liberal” soldier in a self declared “war” against the Government Coyne did not want, and the Government Canadians chose. Coyne and his Media Party comrades are at “war” not just with the Government Canadians chose, but with Canadians themselves. Just another robo-reporter too self important and blinded by party loyalty to admit he regurgitated Opposition talking points as “facts” before there was any evidence, and now stubbornly and stupidly can’t admit he was wrong. “War” is ugly, and even uglier when you’re losing. What a desperately silly superficial man.

  12. Ontario Girl Says:

    This from Coynes own Liberal mouth before the election……

    “If we return the Conservatives with a majority, if we let all that has gone on these past five years pass, then not only the Tories, but every party will draw the appropriate conclusions. But if we send them a different message, then maybe the work of bringing government to democratic heel, begun in the tumult of the last Parliament, can continue. And that is why I will be voting Liberal on May 2.”

    Canadians didn’t agree ….Strong National majority CONSERVATIVE Governmant. Take that Coyne and the CBC.

  13. Ontario Girl Says:

    CBC with Nancy Wilson, Susan Reiley and Rob Rosso , had shrill Nancy Wilson and Rosso quoting Ian Brody saying the Conservatives have something to worry about. Everything the CBC was saying about the Conservatives sounded like they were talking about themselves, the CBC. Hypocrites.

  14. fhl Says:

    Globe’s Martin was on CPAC Sutcliffe restating the e-Mail exchange in all but adding that Brodie has a statement on the e-mail way WAY at the bottom in small SMALL print stating that the e-mails are not to be made public
    Globe’s Martin is a disgrace fire him

  15. Did Globe’s Martin intentionally miss “not for public” disclaimer in robocall emails? « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

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  17. Kutsen Says:

    BC Blue, if you had provided Coyne’s actual quote in it’s entirety you would have obviated Coyne’s ability to passive-aggressively change the topic and avoid the entirely legitimate question you asked. Every one of his twittered responses, you’ll note, hinge entirely on his claim that by removing the middle portion of the statement and patching it together you changed its meaning; well, you did change it’s meaning, in the sense that he didn’t say that every one of the thousands of calls were made to Liberal supporters. What he DID say, that “In all but one (riding) the race was viewed as being between a Conservative and a Liberal, and in every one the calls were made to Liberal supporters”, makes your question —

    “Where would confirmation of this come from? Does (Coyne) have the phone call record from the auto-calling service Racknine? Did I miss where this was established by Elections Canada or the RCMP?”

    — entirely legitimate, but in this case you gave him a convenient weasel “out” (“ I didn’t say that! You made that up!“) by slightly, but not substantively, changing the meaning of the original quote.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Thank you and I agree with your assessment. I had asked that question of where he confirmed his information but received no answer of course. Sometimes the only way to drag him out of his hiding was the way in which I did it.

      He is the master of obfuscation and raging with feigned insult to deflect having to admit his mistakes but you saw it (as have thousands of others) and to me, that counts as a huge win in my books.

      • Kutsen Says:

        He knows exactly what the question was, and he knows it’s a legitimate question, but he retreated passive-aggressively into “feigned insult”, as you put it.

        The question remains unanswered: Where, exactly, did Andrew Coyne get the information that “in all but one riding…the calls were made to Liberal supporters”? There are only three possibilities: 1) He simply made it up, and then published it in a national newspaper as “fact”; 2) he willfully published innuendo/rumour gleaned from anti-Conservative, agenda-driven media as “fact”; 3) he (or his sources) are being fed information from the supposedly fair-minded and nonpartisan EC.

        None of the possibilities look good on him, frankly, and the third one would – or should – be especially troubling. No wonder he’s retreating into Clintonesque obfuscation.

        • dance...dancetotheradio Says:

          This harkens back to Harper’s comment several years ago about the institutions of this country being full of liberals. Where else would Coyne get his information from?

          I also find it amusing that these media gatekeepers are so ham handed.
          In years past we would have no platform beyond writing them a letter or talking about it with our friends. Now, we are talking here and they can’t do anything about it.
          Even though the blogosphere is here, and other forms of social media exist, it continues to surprise me how appallingly inept these esteemed members of the mainstream media are in dealing with it.

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