NDP MP calls economics professor a “dickhead”

Guess which NDP MP has lashed out again on Twitter…

“the good new is I wrote “F**k You Stephen Gordon’ then erased it. But I reserve the right to call you a pompous dickhead”

See the full Twitter exchange here

I certainly hope the Ottawa Press Gallery members are proud of their favourite quote machine Pat Martin.

23 Responses to “NDP MP calls economics professor a “dickhead””

  1. B-Rile Says:

    To use a Winston Churchill line: He is a modest man, with a great deal to be modest about.

  2. Natasha (@mooseandskwerl) Says:

    Paul Martin would make an ideal NDP leader. Too bad (for us) that he’s not a candidate.

  3. Bocanut Says:

    Mr.Martin’s desperate desire for attention blinds him to the irony of calling anybody a “pompous dickhead”

  4. dmorris Says:

    Martin has the emotional maturity of the average twelve year old. Was there some specific reason the people in his Riding voted for him,free beer and pretzels?

    It doesn’t say much for the residents in his Riding that they’d vote for a potty-mouth embarrassment. Maybe 12 year olds vote there ,too.

    • prue61 Says:

      Well that would definitely explain a lot, I knew people were trying to get the age of voting reduced, just didn’t think it would be 12 year olds. Martin really needs to quickly do a lot of growing up.

  5. Platty Says:

    Love to watch such a spirited exchange of ready wit, uh Pat, let us know when you’re ready….

    • BC Blue Says:

      No kidding huh? Can’t keep up in the least against an economics professor after condemning free-trade, resorting to calling him names.

  6. James Says:

    One day he will say the wrong thing to the wrong person, hopefully it will be in parliament. It just has to be some kind of member of a “victim” group and presto he’s gone.

    • NeilD Says:

      He’s already called a Senator, the father of a murder/rape victim, an asshole for saying that convicted murderers should be given the option of suicide while in jail. Under pressure though he changed it to “honourable asshole”. The matter was dropped there.

  7. Liz J Says:

    Pat Martin is an attention seeker, a boor and a disgrace to be sitting as a Member of the Parliament of this country.
    When they finally have a leader his/her first test as a leader will be to rein him in and put him on a short leash, if not we can assume they condone his antics and are not a party that should expect to be taken seriously by all decent and proud citizens of this country, We have had colourful MP’s, John Crosby was one but he never did this sort of name calling you’d expect from gutter dwellers.

  8. ohboy Says:

    Speaking for myself I would never trust the NDP to the keys to the treasurey no matter if they bound and gagged Pat Martin or whatever.

    Martin proves everyday with his sad existence in Parliament that many Manitoba voters are suffering the effects of prolonged exposure to socialist gov’ts.
    Nothing else could explain their constant support of this inarticulate fool.

    Keep it up Pat…I’m sure you’re leaving a lasting impression as regards the cause & judgement of your law suit with Racknine.

    • Fay Says:

      You are exactly right about Winnipeg voters. Pat Martin’s foul language with be kept from voter view by the NDP loving Winnipeg Free Press. Only Conservative MPs are attacked in Manitoba. Our NDP Premier requested Vic Toew’s divorce court reports to assist Vikileaks.

  9. gabbyinqc Says:

    BC Blue, I tried to post a comment like I’ve done in the past, but I had to login, which I did not have to do before.
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    The same thing happened to me at Trusty Tory’s yesterday.

    I finally set a new password in order to be able to reply to Natasha, but I’m wondering why I’m suddenly being asked to login. I hope nobody has taken over my commenter ID.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Not sure…maybe a glitch with WordPress? I’ll check the forums later but they aren’t very good at admitting problems.

  10. Mary T Says:

    I have had the same problem trying to post.

    • BC Blue Says:


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      • BC Blue Says:


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  11. Sean M Says:

    I’m absolutely convinced that Pat (“F U” ) Martin is an imbecile. No one could be as colossally stupid and irrationally angry as this man is without having some kind of mental disorder. I know stuttering Pat can tell anyone who he disagrees with to F- off or call them “assholes” so maybe it’s all some kind of therapy for crazy Pat. A physical midget with an intellect to match. It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

  12. Ontario Girl Says:

    Rebellion Against Society:
    Some people use the F word to rebel against society. Interestingly, swearing was a punishable offence in New England and in today’s world is the #1 reason to be” fired from your job”.

    Then again, Pat Martin who uses the F word constantly, makes me wonder if what he’s actually saying is “I want sex?” He seems a bit frustrated.

  13. Hans Says:

    I must say I’m “delighted” Pat Martin is displaying such new found “Parliamentary civility”…

    I’m not sure how dropping F-bombs and slurs eloquently makes the criticism of numerical veracity in economic policy.


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