Did Globe’s Martin intentionally miss “not for public” disclaimer in robocall emails?

In an email exchange (which I wrote about yesterday (see here) where the CBC’s errr… the National Post’s Andrew Coyne called me a “liar“) the Globe and Mail’s Lawrence Martin printed off-the-record emails from ex-Harper Chief of Staff Ian Brodie:

Martin, who didn’t realize the comments were not for publication, posted them in a story on iPolitics.ca, which the political website later took down 

Of course, that sent alarm bells off in my head. How does a journo who has been around as long as Martin not realize when comments are off record?

Then this morning, details started to come out. I am being told that Martin is saying that Ian Brodie’s disclaimer used in his emails was in very small text but that was countered by Norman Spector telling me:

“In e-mails that I’ve received in the past from @irbrodie the disclaimer appears to be the same size as the rest of the text @bcbluecon”

My response:

@nspector4 “Question then, did @irbrodie use a different font size and make it hard for Martin to see?”

Stay tuned for updates and if anyone has any additional info, please pass it along.


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