Two police complaints against media for harassment in robocall scandal

The media must be so very proud of themselves harassing the wife and kids of the Conservative Guelph candidate Marty Burke:

Patricia Burke said her children have been subjected to harassment by journalists who have repeatedly visited their home to obtain comment since the robocalls story broke last month.

 She said reporters and camera crews have staked out her home, chased her 11-year-old son down the street and followed her daughter to the city bus she takes to university.

“When you can’t even let your kids out in the yard without being harassed, the line has been crossed.”

She said she has filed two police complaints over the alleged harassment and put up a “No Trespassing” sign on her door. (see here)

Sure would like to know which journos have had these complaints filed against them.

Also notice that Postmedia’s robocall super-sleuth duo of Maher and McGregor are Facebook-creeping again.

You might remember the total freak-out the Ottawa media had during the election over unfounded allegations that the Conservatives were looking through Facebook profiles to kick young people out of Harper’s rallies.

McGregor was also creeping Stephen Harper’s Facebook last November (see here).

Rae: “I’m just the interim leader of the third party”


Liberal leader Bob Rae on the new Conservative ads targeting his record as Ontario’s NDP premier:

“I’m just the interim leader of the third party, and the NDP is about to name their new leader, so why are they going after me?” (see here)

Rae must have just forgot forget to tell the Liberal sign maker right?


Liberal partisan says NDP’s Chow kicked out of polling station

Here’s the tweet sent out:

@JohnstonMich@oliviachow kicked fr polling station after abusing scrutineer privileges & telling voters to “not vote Liberal”

I will follow up when I learn more

Update: Looks like Chow rumour of being kicked out of polling station was BS?

Six years later, Liberal pays off leadership debt, talks about running again

Liberals like Gerald Kennedy and Martha Hall Findlay have no shame. How anyone could muse about wanting to run for the upcoming Liberal leadership with their track records is stupefying.

Kennedy- “One doesn’t necessarily lead to the other. But it does mean I’m not encumbered in any way, shape, or form”

Hall Findlay – “I am thinking about it.”  (see here)

Kennedy has just now paid off his 4th place finishing debt from 2006 and Hall Findlay still has $85,000 remaining in which she finished dead last on the first ballot with 130 votes for a 2.7% total. Joe Volpe, who was caught signing up dead people and getting big donations from children via their drug company executive father even beat her.

And to top off the poor showings and debts, both were defeated in the last election for goodness sakes. Quite the Liberal Party ‘renewal’ process.

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