Liberal partisan says NDP’s Chow kicked out of polling station

Here’s the tweet sent out:

@JohnstonMich@oliviachow kicked fr polling station after abusing scrutineer privileges & telling voters to “not vote Liberal”

I will follow up when I learn more

Update: Looks like Chow rumour of being kicked out of polling station was BS?


12 Responses to “Liberal partisan says NDP’s Chow kicked out of polling station”

  1. syncrodox Says:

    Could this be seen as voter supression?

  2. Mary T Says:

    I hope someone has video and sound bits of this. Gee, I thought the ndpq was above all this kind of stuff. sarc off.
    Heard Jack won by 21000 votes, out of 70,000 eligible voters. Will the ndp win by that much again. And how is the turnout, usually very small in by-elections.

  3. james Says:

    I can’t believe a sitting MP is allowed to be a scrutineer. What bad judgement. If it had been a high profile conservative what would the reaction be? Well we all know the answer to that question.

    • Mary T Says:

      And the ndp say they were not involved in those phone calls or other dirty tricks. Someone goofed big time by allowing her to be a scrutineer, and the ndp candidate had to sign those papers to allow her to be one. Gee, maybe he didn’t know who she was. lol

  4. robins111 Says:

    I think a vote on contempt of parliament against the dippers is needed right smartly

  5. Liz J Says:

    I sure hope Patty Martin gets wind of this even though he won’t find enough wind to blow it out his mush. Some crack journo might ask him about it if it is true, well, maybe not.

  6. ohboy Says:

    Was Olivia channeling Jack’s darker side?

    Much rides on the ndp’s winning this by a huge slide; both due to legitimacy of Jack’s legacy and public perception of ndp current status as to whether or not their May 2nd spike in seats was in fact not protest vote driven .

    The outcome also affects Olivia Chow’s currently perceived standing as party dowager(at least in her mind)
    Is the pressure too great…and just how will Olivia hold up?
    Stay tuned for continuing updates…(zzzzzzzzzzzzzz)

    (also who’s bright idea was it to have the leadership vote a week AFTER the crucial Danforth by-election, seeing that if it goes poorly,the results will most definitely detract from the already less than stellar leadership race with the new leader posing as a red herring .)

    As for Pat Martin, they may have to send him down their tonite to give his special rendition on politics,democracy,civility and how an honourable MP should act in the face of adversity!

    • The Gentile (@TheGentile1) Says:

      “Was Olivia channeling Jack’s darker side?”

      Jack was an NDP Saint after all. Such ecumenism of dearly departed from a party with no religious affiliation or mores can easily be seen as “the dark side.” After all, the anti-religion of the left is a religion of its own. Perhaps Chow was trying to use Dark Jedi tricks on the voters?

  7. Bec Says:

    Since when can a sitting Member of Parliament be a Srutineer? Umm, I’m pretty sure that is a not going to fly.
    Having said that, a Srutineer is there as a OBSERVER, ensuring that the processes are being adhered to and they are absolutely not permitted to comment politically.

    If she did this, she is in huge trouble.

  8. Martin Says:

    Surely a formal complaint to Elections Canada must be forthcoming. I see no news about this story in any consensud media. If true this is flagrant violation of EC rules.

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