Rae: “I’m just the interim leader of the third party”


Liberal leader Bob Rae on the new Conservative ads targeting his record as Ontario’s NDP premier:

“I’m just the interim leader of the third party, and the NDP is about to name their new leader, so why are they going after me?” (see here)

Rae must have just forgot forget to tell the Liberal sign maker right?


3 Responses to “Rae: “I’m just the interim leader of the third party””

  1. Michael Harkov Says:

    I remember the “Bye bye Bob, socialism didn’t work” billboard campaign during the 1995 Ontario Provincial election. *SIGH* Some things NEVER change. 😀

    By they way, I wonder why it is Bob’s face on all those posters in Toronto-Danforth. The Liberals DO have a candidate there…………..don’t they?

  2. Hans Says:

    And “Bob’s yer uncle, Rae”!

    “I’m just the interim leader of the third party”” COALITION…

    and what is wrong with 47 flavours of ‘progressive’?

    And didn’t you know that herding cats is an artform?


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  3. Sean M Says:

    Poor NDP Bob, the “new” Liberal leader doesn’t want to have his dismal record as Ont. Premier scrutinized… boo-hoo… The Media Party outrage over these “attack ads” is nauseating… Thought Evan Soloman was going to either cry or have a nervous breakdown on his taxpayer funded show today. The truth about NDP Bobs record hurts the delicate sensibilities of Evan and his Media Party comrades. Too bad they don’t have the same sense of outrage while they manufacture and run a specious, hysterical smear campaign against the Government. More double standards and hypocrisy from the Media party and their leader NDP Bob. pathetic.

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