Six years later, Liberal pays off leadership debt, talks about running again

Liberals like Gerald Kennedy and Martha Hall Findlay have no shame. How anyone could muse about wanting to run for the upcoming Liberal leadership with their track records is stupefying.

Kennedy- “One doesn’t necessarily lead to the other. But it does mean I’m not encumbered in any way, shape, or form”

Hall Findlay – “I am thinking about it.”  (see here)

Kennedy has just now paid off his 4th place finishing debt from 2006 and Hall Findlay still has $85,000 remaining in which she finished dead last on the first ballot with 130 votes for a 2.7% total. Joe Volpe, who was caught signing up dead people and getting big donations from children via their drug company executive father even beat her.

And to top off the poor showings and debts, both were defeated in the last election for goodness sakes. Quite the Liberal Party ‘renewal’ process.


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  1. Liz J Says:

    Puleeze, spare us any more motor mouth media darlings like Gerard Kennedy or M-H-Findlay, some people don’t know when to move on and keep forcing themselves on the electorate.
    Liberals need a transfusion of something to get themselves in gear, former losers are not the answer.

  2. The Gentile (@TheGentile1) Says:

    Let us not forget Findlay’s fondness of repeatedly accusing conservatives of “Fear Mongering.”

    But you can’t blame her for not having an original idea and taking the lead from the Iggy Inglorious uninspiring former leader. The vid is good for a laugh as well.

    The last time the Liberals had a renewal event, nobody could provide anything fresh or a strategy that might make the majority of Canadians forget decades of Liberal mismanagement. We are witness to the last death throws of the Federal Liberal Party of Canada.

    • BC Blue Says:

      I watched Hall Findlay political ‘expertise’ last election giving a Liberal candidate advice which completely blew up in their faces. Hilarious to see her lose her seat after travelling the country lending her support to others. I’ve never witnessed such an ego on someone so politically clueless.

  3. climatecriminal Says:

    the leader is not the main problem with the liberals but the fact that they are really nothing more than ndp lite

  4. Mary T Says:

    With the ndpq leadership vote this wkend, and a liberal fiasco coming soon, who will lead the merger of the two parties. Will we have a Rae/Mulcair race. Will they be co leaders.
    I am still waiting for Cullen to tell us who those MPs, that he expects to be elected in 166 conservative ridings via a joint nomination, will sit with in the HofC. Coalition is the only answer.
    There are 11 candidates running for Jack’s seat. How would Cullen keep them off future ballots if his merger plan goes thru.

    • The Gentile (@TheGentile1) Says:


    • Liz J Says:

      Cullen is a typical NDP, just swift enough to be scarey. His rants about the Oilsands are an example of why they’ll never attain power. They’re giddy right now as Official Opps but that’s a one off, Quebec used them and will drop them like hot potatoes next time around.

      Rae and Mulcair? Now that’s a fine mess.

  5. dance...dancetotheradio Says:

    Interesting look back at that second ballot.

    When Dion won, it was anybody but Ignatieff and Rae.
    The Liberals had closed ranks on both of the interlopers.
    We know how well that turned out.
    And then Ignatieff took over temporarily when it was expedient to do so.
    And now Rae is interim leader because it is also expedient.
    I don’t see how Kennedy and Hall Findlay have any traction in the next race.
    Or why they would even bother when the next leader should be a francophone.

    Dominic LeBlanc will be the next leader of the Liberals.
    Notice how invisible he’s been, lately?

    • Greg Says:

      I’ve heard from someone who used to work for the Lib party, (when they still had enough money to pay for workers) that Leblanc is too lazy and not ambitious enough to run. This person is still looking for a new job, but former employee of the Liberal party isn’t getting much of a response.

  6. Jen Says:

    Remember the list of liberals and ndp and bloc signing onto a Coalition agreement which I take….no….is occuring right now. And which the media favours.

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