Suzuki trying to stop Senators from looking into US money funding eco-groups

The David Suzuki Foundation is using a form letter posted on its website telling Senators to back-off their inquiries into foreign funding of  anti-oil sands groups such as theirs and is ironically titled “Tell the Senate to stop silencing environmental groups”:

So far 3,719 messages have been sent. Let’s get to 5,000! (see here)

Think about that – having a charity status and issuing tax receipts allows Suzuki’s foundation to use taxpayers’ money to spam our government.

Update: As pointed out to me, check out how the Globe says “the alleged foreign funding of oil-sands critics”. There is no “alleging” of this funding source as even the story states Suzuki admits foreign money comes in.

Reflex reaction by the Globe’s Gloria Galloway?

Update: Sounds like Suzuki has only made these senators mad and more resilient (see here)

Update: Senator Eaton responds to Suzuki trying to silence her (see here)

Star ruins Olivia Chow’s surprise of having NDP headquarters named after Layton

Is it really worth scooping a story like naming a building after Jack Layton just because a reporter has unscrupulous NDP insiders feeding her information?

A confidential email obtained and verified by the Star reveals members of the NDP federal council are voting on a motion to rename party headquarters at 279 Laurier Ave. W. the “Jack Layton Building” in honour of the leader who died last summer.

The new name was to be unveiled as a surprise for Layton’s widow and fellow NDP MP Olivia Chow (Trinity–Spadina) and his family during a tribute to the former leader at the leadership convention in Toronto on Friday evening. (see here)

I have a few choice words about the Star’s Joanna Smith blowing this surprise for Layton’s widow and none include the word “news”.

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