Suzuki trying to stop Senators from looking into US money funding eco-groups

The David Suzuki Foundation is using a form letter posted on its website telling Senators to back-off their inquiries into foreign funding of  anti-oil sands groups such as theirs and is ironically titled “Tell the Senate to stop silencing environmental groups”:

So far 3,719 messages have been sent. Let’s get to 5,000! (see here)

Think about that – having a charity status and issuing tax receipts allows Suzuki’s foundation to use taxpayers’ money to spam our government.

Update: As pointed out to me, check out how the Globe says “the alleged foreign funding of oil-sands critics”. There is no “alleging” of this funding source as even the story states Suzuki admits foreign money comes in.

Reflex reaction by the Globe’s Gloria Galloway?

Update: Sounds like Suzuki has only made these senators mad and more resilient (see here)

Update: Senator Eaton responds to Suzuki trying to silence her (see here)


19 Responses to “Suzuki trying to stop Senators from looking into US money funding eco-groups”

  1. Liz J Says:

    I do wish Suzuki had stuck to bugs and fig leaves, he had a bit of credibility back then.

  2. antfrm Says:

    sent an email letter with wording changed to indicate these people “should be working towards DEFUNDING groups that promote anti-Canadian positions, and utilizing foreign funding to achieve same” – likely never to go through – if the Suzuki/Soros traitorous alliance works, we will all be in the soup

  3. robins111 Says:

    Pooor ol’ Dr. Doomsday.. he sounds a tad shrill with the senate digging around his funding… Whats the bet that over 80% comes from outside Canada… I’ll even bet that some can be traced to Saudi and cancerous Hugo.

  4. fhl Says:

    you have to ask? Will Canadians accept these attempts to use extortion threats to change a duly elected Canadian Governments mandate
    a mandate Canadians elected the Conservatives on. the LIBERALS and the ndpq did not get elected as the Government period STOP STOP acting like a BULLY
    work to convince Canadians that your way is a better way
    you talk about DEMOCRACY
    show Canadians that you know what it means to be able to elect the Government of Canada
    you are members of parliament let Canadians see what you would do for the oil sands and for the economy

  5. Mary T Says:

    There was something about fruit flies in the news a while ago and Suzuki was not mentioned. So why not get a petition to the senators saying don’t support foreign money to these groups, and to tax away his charity status.
    Nancy Green sure doesn’t support it.
    How much of that foreign money is paying for this petition.

  6. Bec Says:

    Great news from the Upper Chamber! The day that this man has to rely on intelligent, fair debate rather than US nutbars and tax payers to provide him income will be a day worth celebrating.

    Why don’t Socialist supporters recognize a pyramid scheme when it’s staring them in the face? It’s the wealthy at the top and the struggling middle class and poor paying those people’ freight.

  7. robins111 Says:

    Mary, l just got a note from Nancy Green about this issue.. l suspect he’s about to learn what a disaster really is..

  8. taxpayer Says:

    “alleged”?…, as well as the G&M need to read this:

    Vivian Krause is the go to source on this subject.

  9. robins111 Says:

    Dr. Doomsday is squealing like an old maid when a doctor looks under her dress.

  10. Hans Says:

    A copy of my correspondence for you edification and amusement!

    Dear Senator Eaton,

    We have been having great fun amending Dr. Suzuki’s environmental hustling of Canada’s taxpayers.

    See amended letter below and with many more friends at Small Dead Animals

    Please review their charitable tax exempt status without delay!

    They are hardly looking out for the the poor, the naked, the hungry, the thirsty, the sick, or visiting the imprisoned.

    But I am pretty sure we will be poor, naked, hungry, thirsty, sick & imprisoned if we continue to let imposters raid Her Majesty’s charitable Treasury!


    Hans-Christian Georg Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

    Frankenstein Battalion
    2nd Squadron: Ulanen-(Lancers) Regiment Großherzog Friedrich von Baden(Rheinisches) Nr.7(Saarbrucken)
    Knecht Rupprecht Division
    Hans Corps
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”

    Dear Senator Eaton, Members of the Senate, and Members of Parliament,

    As a Canadian who cares deeply about the future of our country, I am extremely delighted by the recent attempts of some senators to silence and demonize those who don’t share their positions.

    Some senators have labelled those who raise concerns about environmental degradation as “anti-Canadian” and have rightly questioned the integrity of illegitimate Canadian organizations like the David Suzuki Foundation.
    I am proud to support Canada’s oil industry organizations, which have a long history of protecting biodiversity, promoting public understanding of infrastructure issues, and providing science-based information to help Canada steward the hydraulic fracturing on which we all depend for our health and future prosperity.

    The Senate is supposed to be a house of sober second thought. As such, we expect nothing more from our senators than informed and mature counsel that furthers debate about matters of vital national importance.

    Like many Canadians, I believe that the issue of massive amounts of international funding is undermining Canadian resource extraction industries that are looking out for the interests of Canada and Canadians much needed jobs.

    A democracy functions best when all points of view are considered rationally and carefully, and when our leaders, both elected and appointed, examine the facts before speaking.

    As a Canadian who looks to the House of Commons and the Senate for leadership, I ask you never forget the millions of Canadian jobs which depend on your common sense in supporting resource extraction industries.


    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”

  11. Powell Lucas Says:

    If you had as much to hide as Dumbell David you’d be trying to stop the senate investigation too.

  12. Powell Lucas Says:

    e-mail sent using the revised form letter on the Suzuki site. I hope it goes through in the manner in which it was modified. I rather suspect that it was forwarded exactly as these anti-Canada nutbars had worded it and this whole exercise is just a number building tactic on the part of the environuts.

  13. Mary T Says:

    Everyone should check out SDA and CAW-paulstuff for some fun e-mails to the senators. Not the kind DS wants. But send your letters via your own e-mail, and get a copy of what was sent. Don’t trust DS to fwd unkind letters.

  14. JoeFrmEdm Says:

    Powell Lucas it DOES using the revised form I sent one at 7:00 PM Edmonton time.

  15. Steven Says:

    CTVnews website has a one sided pro Suzuki anti conservative artcile on this, you will need a barf bag handy for the comments as well

  16. bob ward Says:

    Went to Suzuki site changed the words in the petition to be OPPOSITE and ask for de-funding of Suzuki Foundation. I had copy sent to my email and lo and behold the edited content i made was not sent to the senators. Even though it looks like you are changing the petition on line, it does not change the content when sent. What a scam. I followed up with the senators letting them know the scam.
    bob ward

  17. Martin Says:

    It is much better to send a personal message to Sen Nicole Eaton at
    THis will ensure it gets read, the form letters probably will not be.
    Dr Fruit Fly is making his own point about his political foundation, he won’t be well pleased.

  18. Greg Says:

    Me too for changing the test – see below
    To: Senator Nicole Eaton
    Cc: Sen. James Cowan – Leader of the Opposition in the Senate
    Cc: Sen. Grant Mitchell – Senate Liberal Environment Critic
    Cc: Sen. Marjory LeBreton – Leader of the Government in the Senate
    Subject: Stop Suzuki from destroying Canada
    Sent: Mar 21, 2012 8:26 AM

    Dear Senator Eaton, Members of the Senate, and Members of Parliament,

    As a Canadian who cares deeply about the future of our country, I am
    extremely disappointed by the recent attempts of many in the environmental
    movement to turn Canada into a backward 3rd world marxist hell hole. Please
    do whatever you can to stop these groups, beginning with getting rid of their
    phoney charitable status

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