CBC intentionally hid backgrounds of robocall complainers?

I get very suspicious when 10 months later, people ‘suddenly remember’ receiving a robocall during the election and then, quelle surprise, get hold of the media.

Today’s example comes from the CBC who ran this story titled “Yukoners report getting election robocalls” and quote a Sylvie Leonard and a Bob Nardi.

So, I did a quick Google search and immediately found people with these names both tied to government unions:

Sylvie Leonard – Yukon Area Council for Public Service Alliance of Canada Youth Committee (see here)

Bob Nardi – Communications Officer Yukon Employees Union (see here)

There is no by-line on the story so I can’t directly ask the reporter if these are the same people quoted but maybe I can email the CBC news department and find out?

Update: I have now emailed Bob Nardi from the Yukon Employees Union and cc’ed their executive director as well as put in an inquiry to the CBC.

Update: The Sylvie Leonard interviewed is married to Jean-François Des Lauriers who ran as a NDP Yukon candidate (see here) and is PSAC’s Regional Executive Vice-President for the North (see here).


43 Responses to “CBC intentionally hid backgrounds of robocall complainers?”

  1. genstructi Says:

    So what?
    I don’t get it, reporting elections fraud isn’t a right thing or a left thing. It’s something we should all be concerned about. We want as thorough an investigation as possible. I think we’re all in favour of democracy here.

    Just because media coverage has focused on the alleged CPC role in this, doesn’t mean the allegations are true. We do want to get to the bottom of this however, and when you write posts that attack the people reporting wrongdoing, and couple these attacks with attacking their background as government employees, it makes it look conservative currents in our society have something to hide, which I don’t think is a good narrative to set up.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Umm…who’s hiding?

        • BC Blue Says:

          In a post about the media possibly hiding agenda driven complaints, you accuse conservatives like me who are completely open, of hiding. Kinda makes you look silly.

        • genstructi Says:

          Oh, sorry. I think you misread my post. I didn’t accuse you of anything, if you read it carefully, you’ll see that, no need to be defensive. I simply said that simultaneously attacking the complaints and attacking the complainants background (i.e. government employees, which is a traditional target of conservative currents in society in general as it symbolizes large government), creates a bad narrative for conservatives.

          Think about it in a more general way– elections fraud is bad, this we are all in agreement over, regardless of our backgrounds (unless we favour totalitarianism), because it undermines democracy. People who report elections fraud should thus be taken seriously. Even if some complaints turn out not to hold water, we want a thorough investigation, it’s in everyone’s best interest.

          If you couple an attack on the people making the complaints, with an attack on their background from a conservative stance, it creates a narrative whereby conservatism doesn’t like reports of elections fraud. This creates the impression in the average reader of conservative currents have something to hide. This is not an outcome we want right?

          Just basic PR.

        • BC Blue Says:

          I get a little testy when people accuse me of hiding

  2. Gerald Says:

    What they are doing is worse than voter suppression.They have the benefit of the doubt,but when you find out they belong to a damn union,then the benefit of the doubt goes out the window.I’m so sick and tired of unions,especially the union bosses,as they are low lifes.The unions don’t even realize they are on their way out.

  3. Alain Says:

    Oh dear, genstructi is throwing around the unfounded and unproved term elections fraud. There remains only one riding where there are some questions, and having received a “robocall” does not equate to election fraud.

    • genstructi Says:

      Of course it hasn’t been proven, that’s the point of this all right? We’re discussing the possibility of it. We might or might not buy the story, but we’re discussing hypotheticals here.

      • Bec Says:

        Yes but as Charles Adler said today (paraphrased) ‘if your house was broken into 10 months ago and things were ‘stolen’, do you wait 10 months to report it?’

        No one was upset 10 months ago. No one, including EC was upset 9 months ago. NOW they are upset and NOW CBC is reporting that with some loosy goosy names?
        Why are they doing this NOW? If all of these people (and perhaps you) are worried about being ‘robbed’, why were these people not worried THEN! Just sayin’

        • Pissedoff Says:

          EC were not only not worried they investigated and found no real problem see ch 11

      • ferrethouse Says:

        This is a lame response. He is pointing out that these people have an agenda and are tied to groups that hate Harper. It is important to report context and the CBC failed to do it. Of course reporting fraud is important. It is also important to examine WHO is reporting it and WHEN they are reporting it.

  4. Platty Says:

    The obvious polnt here is, these are not your average, every day Canadian voters who, all of a sudden, are remembering these events. And that, genstructi, is what BC Blue is pointing out in this post. In other words, when it comes to the CBC, you have to be just as aware of what they are not saying as what they are saying.

  5. bertie Says:

    Why are you discussing and having investigations into possibilities???Investigate the real fraudsters.Start with the Liberals who have been caught in several phony scams..You really have to,because none of the other parties have had any evidence proven.Only the Liberals have been caught..So lets start there where the possibility exists.Then move on to the MSM offices.Hypothetically of course the NDP could be the culprits eh genstructi?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I also found it funny (but not surprising coming from the CBC) that they also failed to ask these people if they ended up voting or went to the wrong poling station and missed the vote. Obviously they knew the answer to that question and purposly left it out of the broadcast.

  7. Jen Says:

    O/T, read this article:

    COLUMN: Fatah – The left and its infatuation with jihadists

    Craig Scott, the NDP, and the Taliban

    by Tarek Fatah

    ‘Taliban detainees in Afghan prisons have a new champion in Canada’s parliament.

    Thanks to the NDP and voters in Toronto-Danforth, law professor Craig Scott was elected Monday to fill the seat vacated by the late NDP leader, Jack Layton.

    Who is Craig Scott? His website describes him as having “done substantial work on the Afghan detainee (Taliban) issue” that has obsessed the NDP since 2006, when the party first raised the issue of mistreatment of Taliban prisoners.’

    Read more:

  8. Brad maynard Says:

    How dare you question the trustworthiness and dedication of our beloved broadcaster!!!!!!! For shame. Andrew coyne will surely have something to say about that. Lol

  9. Krysta Meekins (@WhseGrl) Says:

    Sylvie Leonard, the same one quoted in this story, is a union employee and NDP supporter. Her husband, JF Des Lauriers, was a candidate for the Yukon New Democratic Party 5 months ago in the Territorial election.

    • BC Blue Says:

      How is it you know it’s the same Sylvie Leonard?

      • Krysta Meekins (@WhseGrl) Says:

        This is a very small jurisdiction with only one Sylvie Leonard and the issue has become a matter of debate on Facebook and twitter amongst politically active locals.

        MP Ryan Leef’s campaign manager’s publicly posted FB response to the matter:

        “I was the campaign manager for Ryan’s campaign last election. Our campaign like all other campaigns did Voter identification, we did this at the door step as well as through live calling to identify our supporters, as you have stated we used RMG for this purpose. Our supporters at the door were identified as being with Ryan’s campaign as were the call through RMG which were identified as being from the Conservative Campaign. All election campaigns receive copies of the voters list from Elections Canada during the campaign, I am sure that you have seen the NDP’s lists as I assume that since you are an employee of the Yukon Employee’s Union that you were working on the NDP campaign in the last election along with Sylvie Leonard’s Husband JF who was also an employee of the Public Service Alliance of Canada for the past two decades as the Regional Vice President of the Union.

        Our campaign also made phone calls to our supporter prior to the advance polls as well as prior to election day, we like all parties were encouraging our identified supporters to get out and vote on election day, as the Yukon is small and everyone knows where they vote at and Elections Canada sent out Voter Information Cards to every voter telling them where to vote at, we did not tell our supporters where they had to go to vote at as they already knew that.

        We made one set of calls prior to the advance poll to our supporters, and three calls prior to and on election day to our supporters to remind them to get out and vote for Ryan. It was not the role of our campaign to do anything other than getting our supporters out to vote. We also did not call any of our supporters who had already voted as all the campaign received that information from Elections Canada throughout the campaign so calling people that had already voted had no use.

        I find it rather interesting that the two people to publicly come out and say that they were called eleven months ago both had ties to another campaign and both would have gone straight to the media when it happened to try and raise issues to support their campaign at the time.”

    • Krysta Meekins (@WhseGrl) Says:

      Just a quick clarification. Ms. Leonard has posted that while she was a union employee, she is not currently working for the union. Ms. Leonard also has stated that she is very open about her NDP affiliation.

  10. Ontario Girl Says:

    One person from North Bay who complained on CBC about getting a robocall. JUST ONE…..look at the history she has that is never mentioned…Peggy Walsh Craig with the Civic League..connected to the one in GUELPH..coincident?

    Madigan told council the group is modelling itself after a civic league founded in Guelph in 2004, which managed to increase voter turnout in that community during the 2006 municipal election, from 36% in 2003 to more than 50%.

    Founded by members of various community groups, including Nipissing Environmental Watch, the civic league has launched a website at http://www.northbaycivicleague.org.

    “It’s really a long-term project,” said Walsh-Craig, noting the group expects to have a much greater impact leading up to the 2014 election.

    She said the online survey, which aims to set out a series of community values, will be ongoing with the findings to be matched in the future with the voting records of municipal council members on various civic issues. Walsh-Craig said the intent is to better inform the public about who council members are and what they stand for.

    As a member of Nipissing Environmental Watch, Walsh Craig said that group has in the past surveyed the public and found many people don’t bother to vote because they don’t know the candidates. She also noted an overall lack of public involvement regarding municipal issues.

  11. Ontario Girl Says:

    Wonder why CBC is trying to Connect Conservatives to Robocalling. The NDP would benefit to sending voters to the wrong polls , wouldn’t they? Cause confusion?…look what the NDP did in that riding in Toronto that got an NDP elected.All those voters showing up with no ID and reported the NDP were outside telling them who to vote for. Wouldn’t hurt the NDP to have the suspicion shoved at the Conservatives. Lead Now.ca is full of NDP.ummmmm Cripes…Olivia Chow as a scrutoneer for the By-election in Jacks riding?…. reported to be telling voters to vote NDP. So many questions but just smears against the Govt. How convenient.

  12. Ontario Girl Says:

    Check out this website..”.Workers Party” Rally having a robocall protest for a new election in Toronto March 31st….


  13. jon Says:

    Omission bias reporting is a favourite employed by the state broadcaster. Instead of scrubbing a report and starting from scratch, or doing the report but fully disclosing the background of someone interviewed, the CBC simply doesn’t report the info so as to advance a particular agenda. Shoddy, incompetent journalism combined with dishonesty. No worse combo.

    Unfortunately for them, SNN is on air and exposing what they do each and every day, and as more and more Canadians learn the truth about “our” state broadcaster, the corrosive effects on their credibility — what’s left of it, anyways — will become irreversible.

    And let’s not forget, in addition to next weeks budget cuts to the CBC, the information commissioner, who now has many of the documents we all want to see and has so since Dec, should soon be releasing a report of some kind where the sh*t is really going to hit the fan… just going to get worse and worse for them.

  14. Gerry Says:

    both names you mention from the Yukon are well known for their affiliations and, quite frankly, have no credibility as everyone – and I do mean everyone with an IQ above 0 – knows where the polls are. They have not changed in all the time I have lived here – which is long enough to know the whiners.

  15. Keith Says:

    Good sleuthing, but Franky doesn’t seem relevant. There is a point where so many people have complained to elections Canada that who they are individually stops being very important. Yes, they are from other parties with a vested interest in hurting conservatives but that’s human nature, when you **** up the most vocal are going to be those who are against you anyway. It’s not the point. More conservatives should be focused on how this happened with in their ranks, winning at all costs is not winning. At least that’s what Jesus taught.

    Fyi, green party member

  16. fhl Says:

    heresay is not NOT evidence unless and until there is proof Conservatives are innocent
    Liberals have admitted guilt
    ndpq are?????????????????
    green are ????????????????

  17. Ontario Girl Says:

    Keith: More conservatives should be focused on how this happened with in their ranks, winning at all costs is not winning. ?????

    More coalition members should stop trying to scam the public. They know how this was done…it’s the losers who want to win at any cost…Canadians spoke in the election and the coalition of losers can’t accept it. 10 months after the fact they rig up their manufactured BS with the help of the slimey lefty media and the CBC. The only guilty people here are the corrupt Liberano party of Frank Valeriote. Then we have Bob Rae and whatever he was up to on the hill in his office. That dishonest Joe Volpe…what a joke…and that mouthpiece Mark Holland, and Pat Martin. Let their pasts speak for themselves. No one believes anything that comes from their mouths. Liers and cheats. This is just the coalition trying to drag an honest Govt. down to their filthy rotten level and Canadians are laughing at them. Losers looking for a do over with the CBC show casing a few union and special interest groups and occupy dopers saying they got phone calls. Now it gives the losers something to complain about…baaaa…… Canadians didn’t just fall off a turnip truck. One to many scandal-gates …like the rest of them for the last few years. A farce. Time to get over to the RED Star, G&M, and the CBC. lots of whinning support over there.Were to smart for you over here.

    • Keith Says:

      Ontario Girl,

      1. 39.62% of Canadians voted conservatives on May 2, 2011. The placement of those votes meant they control 53.90% of the seats. The vote splitting among the left parties is largely responsible for that. You hear the word mandate thrown around a lot, 39.62% is not a mandate, it’s not the voice of all Canadians, it’s not even the voice of a majority of them.

      source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_federal_election,_2011#Results

      This why the one of the main platform of the Greens is electoral reform, to move away from a first past the post system and to one of the more mathematically justifiable systems out there.

      I would strongly suggest that conservatives get up in arms about this issue, even though in this round they reaped the benefits it has played against them just as much in the past as it plays for them now. It’s not a right or left issue, it’s a math problem, we’re in the age of computers now, you carry more computing power in your pocket than existed in the world when First Past the post was implemented in this country. It’s time to get with the times.

      2. People who disagree with you are not liers and cheats. If you reach out and try and understand them your often pleasantly surprised by the results. Most of what we see in the world is a reflection of how we look at the world.

  18. North of 60 Says:

    Everybody in the Yukon with any political savvy knows that the Unions / NDP are ardent anti-conservative, and not above ’embellishing the truth’ to further their ongoing anti-Harper, anti-Leef, anti-YukonParty agenda. Nobody outside the NDP ever takes their shenanigans seriously.

    • Keith Says:

      People of all strips lie, being absolute about the “other” doesn’t help any cause on any side. Unions exist for a reason, because capitalism needs regulation. Unbridled free markets run people into the ground in the name of profit, they do it in second and third world counties and they did it here 200 years ago.

      While there may be an argument that the balance is off right now I think the conservatives would have a much better time of it if they dropped the rhetoric and acknowledge the value of unions without calling for their all out dismantlement all the time. The higher ups in the party know their value but the rhetoric of the ground level supporters serves their immediate goals and so they allow the story line to continue.

      It does so at a cost to their long term creditability. Just look at what the republicans have become in the states. A lot of yelling, a lot of cutting it’s nose of to spite it’s face, a lot of being lead around by the agenda of people like Rush and Glen Beck.

      The Conservative movement used to draw great minds, we need back the days of Preston manning and Joe Clark.

  19. Helen Says:

    @North of 60 – Agreed. Still think this video sums up the Yukon NDP:Union situation well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciHcJUTqyg8&context=C4592d06ADvjVQa1PpcFOxsYaNciMQ3HfXpIgiuBLlEsiAjo736EI=

  20. Doug Rutherford Says:

    I’ve had two peope mention to me that they also received these “moved polling station” calls in the Yukon and didn’t bother to complain since they thought they were the only ones. Also, since it appears that the calls were specifically targeted to those not supporting the Conservative party, why would you need to be told they were CPC supporters?

    • BC Blue Says:

      “I had”… Name them or keep your conspiracy theory to yourself.

      • Doug Rutherford Says:

        Without their permission, no. They are contacting Elections Canada, however. I will state that they are individuals of quite high integrity and are quite trustable.
        As opposed to conspiracy theories, doesn’t your blog entry qualify as being one? Political discourse should be left to fact and try keeping some of the partisan rhetoric out of it. An investigation is the only way to determine what happened and who was involved and trying to deflect the blame before that happened is irresponsible… and just plain childish. Grow up.

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