Video: What a 49-year-old NDP MP looks like when trying to be cool

The only thing missing were the Ottawa journos who use to sing back-up for Jack Layton.

National Post uses 3rd person airline union ‘arrest these animals’ quote

The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers spokesman shows you how to get a ‘quote’ from Minister Lisa Raitt printed by an unethical journalist:

“She apparently took exception to that and asked that the RCMP ‘arrest these animals’,” Trbovich told the National Post, although he did not personally witness the altercation. (see here)

The NP journalist who thought that running this ‘quote’ was above-board was Christine Dobby:

Christine practised family law in Toronto before returning to school for her master’s of journalism at Ryerson University. She has reported for the New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal and the Toronto Star and joined the Financial Post in May 2011.

Now that this lawyer and MA earner has opened the door for 3rd party unsubstantiated quotes, can I now print what I’ve ‘heard’ said about her?

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