Levant shoves Macleans’ Wells Liberal MP’s vacation-stay back in his face

Nothing brightens my day more than when someone as arrogant as Macleans’ Paul Wells gets taken down a few notches and exposed for being part of the Ottawa political establishment.

Wells sent out this mocking Tweet yesterday:

The NDP gave us pizza.The Gallery has been bought. Somebody tell Ezra.

To which Ezra Levant replied:

Your price is higher: vacay at Scott Brison’s cabin

This was in reference to Wells being outed by then National Post Don Martin for staying (along with his girlfriend) with Liberal MP Scott Brison at his summer house:

In a Post article dated October 19, 2004, Don Martin wrote that Wells had spent a weekend at Liberal MP Scott Brison’s summer house. According to Martin, when he asked Wells why he went, the Maclean’s columnist said: “Basically, I’m guilty as charged. If you’re going after that as an ethical thing, I deserve it.” Martin wasn’t sure he was going to use the incident in his column until, winding down the conversation, Wells said, “The short answer is because I felt like it.” (see here)

Wonder if Wells has gone on any more unethical vacations since?

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