Levant shoves Macleans’ Wells Liberal MP’s vacation-stay back in his face

Nothing brightens my day more than when someone as arrogant as Macleans’ Paul Wells gets taken down a few notches and exposed for being part of the Ottawa political establishment.

Wells sent out this mocking Tweet yesterday:

The NDP gave us pizza.The Gallery has been bought. Somebody tell Ezra.

To which Ezra Levant replied:

Your price is higher: vacay at Scott Brison’s cabin

This was in reference to Wells being outed by then National Post Don Martin for staying (along with his girlfriend) with Liberal MP Scott Brison at his summer house:

In a Post article dated October 19, 2004, Don Martin wrote that Wells had spent a weekend at Liberal MP Scott Brison’s summer house. According to Martin, when he asked Wells why he went, the Maclean’s columnist said: “Basically, I’m guilty as charged. If you’re going after that as an ethical thing, I deserve it.” Martin wasn’t sure he was going to use the incident in his column until, winding down the conversation, Wells said, “The short answer is because I felt like it.” (see here)

Wonder if Wells has gone on any more unethical vacations since?

10 Responses to “Levant shoves Macleans’ Wells Liberal MP’s vacation-stay back in his face”

  1. Platty Says:

    I’m sure Wells has “Felt like it” many times since the Brison freebie.

  2. ferrethouse Says:

    People should know better than to mess with Ezra by now.

  3. Ed the Hun Says:

    Paul Wells has to have ethics to care about the put-down. Because if he REALLY did, he wouldn’t have put himself in the position of ‘appearing’ to be indebted to a liberal MP.

    Of course for those in the gallery, taking favours from the libs is simply a fact-of-life. What is a favour or two from a friend?

    Quid-pro-quo, anyone…

  4. robins111 Says:

    Now that backhander could be heard a hundred miles away.. good for Ezra

  5. gabbyinqc Says:

    Actually, the article linked to here shines a new light on Wells, at least for me, and a flattering light as well. He comes across as a rather balanced journalist.

    It is assumed that his having accepted Brison’s hospitality compromised his journalistic objectivity. But as is explained in the article linked to, Scott Brison was at that time a member of the 5th party, not a member of the ruling government.
    “… He and his girlfriend, Christina Lopes, visited the MP while they were vacationing in Nova Scotia, he explained. Brison “was not a Liberal cabinet minister but the heavily-indebted fourth-place washout candidate for the leadership of the fifth-place party.” He wrote that the underlying assumption in Martin’s column was that the biggest danger in political reporting is excessive sympathy for subjects. Wells countered that a comparable danger would be to assume all subjects are liars and scoundrels. Chantal Hébert, a Star columnist who has covered politics for 25 years, agrees – to a point. “There is a difference between compassion and building your social life around politicians,” she says. “You should get to know and understand the people that you cover – we are not part of the opposition. But I don’t think that involves me going on a canoe trip with Stephen Harper.”

    It was amusing to read Hebert’s little dig at Craig Oliver with the canoe reference. At least, that’s my interpretation.

    The article also makes clear that Wells was quite critical of the Liberals at the time, so I don’t think it can be assumed that Wells is a Liberal hack, an accusation many conservatives like to bandy about whenever they disagree with a journalist.

    Personally, Wells’s writing is at times exasperating simply because the sarcastic overtones bother me, but that’s a question of my own taste. Others may enjoy that approach, just like some prefer the blunt in-your-face approach that other journalists use, something else I can do without.

  6. blamecrash Says:

    Speaking of Mcleans magazine. I found myself reading one while waiting in a waiting room the other day. That’s the first time I read that rag in years and I have to tell you what a waste of skin that magazine is. It boggles the mind to think that they could make a buck selling that thing.
    I’m betting that they get a lot of “free” government money fed to them under the table. Who knows, maybe even from the CBC and other government departments under the guise of one bogus program or another.
    Which brings us to the Post and how they’ve taken a turn for the worst and appear to be sounding like just another Tor-Ottawa echo. Do you think that they too might be…..

  7. Hi-Skule Garadge-you-8 -. Well, almost! Says:

    Some “people” should know. . . . Operative word being “people.”

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