Oh oh, NDP members claim unable to vote at leadership convention

The irony that with 30K+ robocall ‘complaints’ filed by the NDP-backed on-line petition group Leadnow (see here) not a single person has come forward saying that they were unable to vote but that isn’t the case with yesterday’s NDP leadership vote.

The NDP hired a Spanish IT company to run its on-line voting format that was ‘compromised’ by a cyber-hack:

The party blamed the fiasco on an attempted cyber-attack, in which mischievous Internet users clogged the NDP’s voting website.

Nathan Cullen’s campaign manager Jamey Heath:

 ”Our capacity to connect those with encouraging people to vote is hindered when people can’t actually vote” (see here)

If that isn’t voter-suppression, I don’t know what is.

Then there is this gem:

New Waterford, Cape Breton-residents John Wilson and his wife, Sandra, tried all day to vote unsuccessfully online from their home. Wilson says every time they tried to enter their pin numbers and vote, a message would appear onscreen telling them that they had already voted or that their time had expired. (see here)

I can’t wait to hear from all the Ottawa media how Thomas Mulcair’s leadership in now in question.


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