Oh oh, NDP members claim unable to vote at leadership convention

The irony that with 30K+ robocall ‘complaints’ filed by the NDP-backed on-line petition group Leadnow (see here) not a single person has come forward saying that they were unable to vote but that isn’t the case with yesterday’s NDP leadership vote.

The NDP hired a Spanish IT company to run its on-line voting format that was ‘compromised’ by a cyber-hack:

The party blamed the fiasco on an attempted cyber-attack, in which mischievous Internet users clogged the NDP’s voting website.

Nathan Cullen’s campaign manager Jamey Heath:

 ”Our capacity to connect those with encouraging people to vote is hindered when people can’t actually vote” (see here)

If that isn’t voter-suppression, I don’t know what is.

Then there is this gem:

New Waterford, Cape Breton-residents John Wilson and his wife, Sandra, tried all day to vote unsuccessfully online from their home. Wilson says every time they tried to enter their pin numbers and vote, a message would appear onscreen telling them that they had already voted or that their time had expired. (see here)

I can’t wait to hear from all the Ottawa media how Thomas Mulcair’s leadership in now in question.


20 Responses to “Oh oh, NDP members claim unable to vote at leadership convention”

  1. Ontario Girl Says:

    Yesterday they said no one in QUEBEC had a problem voting…ummmmmmm Seemed to be mostly in BC????? Hard to believe the NDP used a spanish company? Wonder why? Strange no one is talking about this in the media…Jennifer Ditchburn was still talking about the robocalls on QP and she out and out said it was the Conservatives. Arn’t there any laws for media slander?

  2. Liz J Says:

    Given what transpired with the voting his leadership should be in question, it was a freaking mess. Also, we have to remind the NDP that more people voted against him than voted for him, the line they love to apply to the Harper Conservative government.

    When asked the name of the company responsible for the voting setup Brad Levigne said he didn’t know the name, maybe it was in Spanish and he couldn’t pronounce it! Hard to believe for a guy who is always up on everything, always has an answer. Perhaps it was a gremlin left over from St Paddy’s day, or that elusive, yet to be identified, Pierre Poutine.

    • Louise M. Says:

      Yes, it will be satisfying to underscore that a very small number of Dippers actually support Mulcair. As for Lavigne, seems he had resigned two weeks before the convention. That would explain why he was clueless as to the firm the NDP hired and the online voting system fiasco. To which I say, why the heck didn’t he come right out and say instead of acting like a dunce?

  3. Jen Says:

    Is Mulclair the legitimate winner?
    Could there be voters suppression?

  4. Ontario Girl Says:

    The name of the co was a spanish based system called SCYTL…..it’s a secret though….the media don’t want to talk about it.

  5. Brad maynard Says:

    In conservative ad voice ” Thomas mulcair. Yeah he was the front runner but why should he leave anything to chance. Mulcair orchestrated a vote suppression scheme for online supporters who werent from la belle province to secure his leadership.
    Thomas mulcair. He likes democracy but only on his terms.”
    Or something like that. Wouldnt put it past the lefty rabble

  6. Roy Says:

    maybe they should have the election over for there leadership lol (sarcastically) sounds like someone was keeping the online screens busy so noone could log in to vote.as far as I’m concerned they can be dissorganized and fight as much as they want to.

  7. Bec Says:

    “The NDP hired a Spanish IT company to run its on-line voting format ”

    How ironic. The Dippers use a company from the country in the EU that has an economic gong show closely mirroring Greece’s.
    How cuddly of them to assist with the economy of a country in the EU seeings as how that is what they dream of for this country.

  8. marryt Says:

    55,000 mailed in ballots, plus the 4600 that were supposedly at the convention does not leave many who were not there to cast a vote from home. And then 10,000 who voted on the 1st ballot didn’t vote on the 4th, why. Are we to believe that those 10,000 couldn’t get thru.
    Was that because those were votes for Top.

  9. todd moody Says:

    How long will it be till the MSM blame this on the CPC, I bet the rumours will start around the dinner time evening news. We need to hammer away on the fact there was not a single Canadian flag in the hall. Let’s k try tokeep this story going like the MSM keeps pushing the bogus robocall story.

  10. Frances Auger Says:

    So the NDP want to govern the country – they are unable to run an internal leadership election – have a leader with dual citizenship – and this same leader owes his loyalty to a Quebecentric base of separatists. Yes, this is winning on a grand scale. You can’t write the soaps with this nonsense – you would be laughed out of the building. lol

  11. robins111 Says:

    Its all a neocon plot, those evil people (conservatives) were responsible for the bass drum that followed Mulch-hair around were sending out negative sonic shockwaves which denied the dippers a chance to vote. It is well known that the janitor at the drum factory is a conservative. This is was confirmed by Libby Davis and her followers, a Michael Moore movie will be in the works.

  12. Liz J Says:

    I think evil spirits got in when Charlie Angus did his rap routine.

  13. Splendor Sine Occasu Says:

    Reminiscent of the shenanigans with the BC Liberal leadership vote that elected Christy Clark. I wonder if a “PINgate” scandal will pop up in a year…

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