NDP keeping investigation of leadership vote “cyber-attack” secret

Even though members say that they were unable to vote and a campaign manager claims there was voter-suppression during the infamous on-line leadership shenanigans (see here), the NDP isn’t calling in the police nor Elections Canada.

Party president Rebecca Blaikie:

“At this point, there is not a single point person. We’re going to investigate what (the attack) is, where it came from. . . As soon as we know that, we’ll be able to decide what to do next.”

Blaikie said neither police nor Elections Canada have been contacted. (see here)

Their own robocall-file MP Pat Martin is claiming illegal acts were committed:

“We were sabotaged and we were compromised by our enemies.”

The entire leadership vote’s legitimacy is being questioned and the NDP brass doesn’t want an official investigation?



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  1. marryt Says:

    According to a guest on Dave R, the problem could have originated at the ndp site where there was a button saying, click here to vote. But anyone could go there and click, member or not. As they would not have their pin number they could just press in any number to clog the system. And with only around 6000 votes that were not cast by mail in ballots, and the 4600+ that were there, for the final totals, are we to assume that 10,000 voters from the 1st to 4th ballot could not get in. And remember, he got 25.5% of the total membership. Remember when Clark got ;70% support at some convention and the media ran with 30% oppose Joe who.
    Just heard our premier on Dave R and she seemed very angry with the questions asked. Especially to the guy who said, I will send you my resume, and will work for 1,000/month, and I promise to do nothing for 48 months, will you hire me, if I promise to give back 6,000 after doing nothing for 48 months. End of interview.
    I think the pc candidates will get lots of questions like that in the next month. My non political daughter just called and asked, who got the money, regardless Griffith will not get my vote on April 23.

  2. Jen Says:

    Maybe their FRENCH NATIONAL CITIZEN leader has ordered them to ignore it. ASAP.

    Will the dupe cbc ask ******* if he plans to give up one of his citizenship. CANADA OR FRANCE.

  3. marryt Says:

    Yikes, is the new leader very angry today. And he only speaks french most of the time. You would think he would be a little civil on his first day at work as leader.
    He brings up that jobs could go out of the country re that company that shut down but does not mention that the ndp went out of the country to handle their online voting, and to a non union outfit at that.

    • Bec Says:

      “, and to a non union outfit at that.”

      To save money. How ironic! How funny and big hypocrits are they?
      The company they used were the lowest bidder and yes, according to the interview @ 9am on Dave Rutherford’s show there were all kinds of parameters not in place.
      They created their own chaos perhaps? A great set of circumstances to laugh at.

  4. Michael Harkov Says:

    Maybe unless there is a way top tie this to the Tories, they won’t even bother. Remember, one of their members got their wee-wee slapped for spouting off before he knew the facts. 😀

  5. Ed Says:

    They can’t even run a leadership convention and they want to run the country. Yeah, right.

  6. ohboy Says:

    “MP Pat Martin is claiming illegal acts were committed:”

    What, Where, Huh??
    Did the Dippers hold their leadership convention at the Dundas St. Rub & Tug?
    …in commemeration of Commrade Jack’s favourite spot to contemplate party direction.

  7. marryt Says:

    Notice there are no complaints coming from que voters that they could not get in. Wonder how many members went to the site to vote as they has lost or misplaced their ballot or pin number, thus causing the problems.
    Were the quebec voters or other leadership candidates voters.
    OT, but why do the ndpq have to hire actors to play the part in their coming ads to promote the leader. And why were these auditions held last week, expecting mulcair to win.

  8. NDP President admits supporters are Quebec separatists « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] My bet is the media will avoid confronting Blaikie that same way they did when she said she would be getting to the bottom of their convention cyber-attack (see here) […]

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