Police tipping-off media about politicians should worry us all

For those that might find it kind of amusing that a NDP leader was ‘caught’ without a transit pass, you should stop and think for a minute how this became public knowledge.

Besides Vancouver Sun reporter Kelly Sinoski somehow believing BC NDP leader Adrian Dix being issued a warning by Transit police for not having a valid SkyTrain fare is even a story, it’s the question of how she received this information. (see here)

I’d love to know how a reporter from the Liberal-backing Vancouver Sun just happens to run across Dix being given a reprimand by the police? I can’t imagine that even if this is public knowledge she wasn’t tipped-off to it by a government worker. Remember the Rob Ford 911 call incident.

I’ve asked Sinoski how she came upon it and will update if I get an answer but won’t hold my breath as a newspaper that won’t print a word about Christy Clark’s deep BC Rail corruption ties won’t likely be very forthcoming about a hit-piece on her political opponent.

4 Responses to “Police tipping-off media about politicians should worry us all”

  1. Les Weddle Says:

    Dix’s story about what happened is bogus or just proves he is too stupid to be Premier.

    He says he rides Skytrain all the time, hundreds of times but he buys a day pass instead of saving money on a monthly pass.

    Dumb as a bag of hammers.

  2. Alain Says:

    I agree that this should be concerning, and no I am not a supporter of the NDP nor the provincial Liberals. The police need to get out and stay out of politics whatever the politics, and politicians must do the same when the police is concerned.

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