NDP’s leadership vote IT firm says on-line attack was “orchestrated”

Notice that the media today have made sure to use the Canadian name for the Spanish company that was so incompetent that it couldn’t stop a basic DOS attack at the NDP’s leadership vote.

Scytl Canada general manager Susan Crutchlow:

“We deeply regret the inconvenience to NDP voters caused by this malicious, massive, orchestrated attempt to thwart democracy. We are proud, however, that our robust system, which is used by many governments around the world, repelled this attack, did not crash, and completed its mission of giving all NDP members who wished to vote the opportunity to do so securely.” (see here)

The Globe’s Daniel Leblanc fails to include the fact that there were NDP members who said that they could not vote (see here) nor mentioned why the RCMP and Elections Canada hasn’t investigated.

Of course the Globe comment section is full of opposition ‘supporters’ saying it was a deliberate illegal act by the Conservatives. Funny that the Globe would allow such slander as I’d be getting a flood of lawsuit threats if I did the same.

Also: Check out the CBC Jan 13 story I ran across in which a Nova Scotia company complained about the awarding of the Halifax municipal contract to Scytl here

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