Why would BC Conservative use Harper-hating Liberal at press conference?

On display Tuesday evening was a lesson on how to make a dud out of what should be a good-news political announcement.

I am still waiting to hear back from the BC Conservative brainiacs about why a newly converted BC Liberal backer (who was immediately named Deputy Chair of their Finance Committee) made such a mess out of a media event yesterday.

Inexplicably, Rick Peterson had Dan Veniez (a failed federal Liberal MP candidate) introduce him at his nomination bid who says things like this about Stephen Harper:

G+M:”Harper denies knowledge of ‘black ops’- Utter horse shit! Cons entire model is fundamentally predicated on black-ops. Always has been

Also, as there is no official nomination open, did Rick Peterson make his media-attended announcement (which revealed the very embarrassing detail that this riding (Vancouver-Quilchena) has only 14 current BC Conservative members) without the party knowledge or with their blessing?

Either way, it made them look very silly, unprofessional, woefully unprepared for an election and because federal Conservative support is so vital, I’m sure it also made many people in Ottawa and BC wonder what the heck is going on?

So much for the story about BC Con leader John Cummins saying that they are being very careful about their candidates I guess huh? (see here)

Also: For more on what Liberal Dan Veniez is all about, check out his many columns for the lunatic Leftie rag Vancouver Observer here and where he tried to sue Conservative MP John Westin here

Update: I was reminded of the Conservative’s ’09 campaign manager Guy Giorno’s slap-down in January of Veniez on Twitter

@danveniez Do you still stand by your prediction that my strategy was going to lead the CPC to defeat in the general election?

Christy Clark looking to jump to federal Liberals before being pushed out by caucus?

There is no question that Christy Clark’s days as leader of the BC Liberals are over, it’s only a matter of time and in what way it occurs and because of that, I got thinking about how Clark could try to save face after reading this note from a BC blogger who has unearthed many of her scandals:

Here is how much of a “conservative” Clark is….over the weekend I received several phone calls from federal Liberal strategists in Ottawa. These are friends I’ve had since I was there–over twenty years ago. Every single last one of them tells of how Mark Marissen, Clark’s ex-husband and others in her federal Liberal circle of influence have suggested that Christy would make a great leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. (see here)

Not that Christy Clark and her ex-husband Mark Marissen don’t probably believe that she has a shot at winning but the real benefit is that she can wriggle out without having to deal with a caucus revolt orchestrated by Kevin Falcon. This move to have her dethroned is very likely especially now that van Dongen departed leaving behind his BC Rail time-bomb (see here).

Strategically, it’s the best solution for the Liberals and their business backers who are freaking out at the prospects of a NDP government and would not only stop the bleeding to the BC Conservatives, it would probably end the hope of them winning any seats in next May’s election.


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