Another NDP activist’s background hidden by media?

As the CBC story on Yukon robocalls set off alarm bells in my head (see here), so did this one from Jeff Davis of Postmedia (see here) in which a Ottawa mother, Dianna Sakisheway, complains about a high school presentation MP Garry Breitkreuz gave to her daughter’s class.

The obvious signal that something may be fishy with the story was that she emailed Minister Vic Toews about another MP and cc’ed it to a Newfoundland Liberal MP Judy Foot who then read it out in the House of Commons:

“(Breitkreuz) told a classroom of Ottawa high school students — some as young as 14 — that all Canadians should carry firearms, and girls in particular should be armed to protect themselves from sexual assault.

Does the minister of public safety agree with his colleagues’ extreme position that children should be carrying loaded guns into the schoolyard?” 

Breitkreuz denied having made any such statements, and asked Foote to withdraw her statement and apologize to him.

“This is completely unfounded,” he said. “Its absurd and totally without foundations.”

So, who is this Dianna Sakisheway? Is she really “just a mother” and has no political associations as she told the reporter? Did Jeff Davis try at all to verify that claim before running the story?

A quick Google search uncovers a Dianna Sakisheway from Ottawa who is very politically active and whose Twitter account is loaded with this type of stuff:

Jack Layton:Tommy Douglas our 1st leader said Dream no little dreams. They said yes 2 a Cda where anything is possible. No 1 is left behind.

As well as many references to the Gaza Boat cause:

Cdn Boat #Tahrir will sail 2 help end #Israel ’s illegal siege of #Gaza #cdnpoli #cdescom #Palestine #bds #apartheid

I’ve messaged Postmedia’s Davis and will update if I receive an answer

Update: CBC picks up this story and does no investigation into any history of the mother’s activism as well (see here)

Update: Reporter Jeff Davis is aware of my blog post and is responding to critics on Twitter. I have asked him a few additional questions and will soon post a follow-up.

Jeff Davis:

Here is a blog post about me and that article by @bcbluecon . Love the pic! #guncontrol @LGR #molonlabe

@wullu5 @jfgroves @bcbluecon – For the record: @dsakishewaydoes not belong to a political party. She is entitled to her opinion.

And this is from the Dianna Sakisheway Twitter account to Davis:

@dsakisheway – Don’t let the ‘keyboard commandos’ get you down. They react en masse to any stories about guns. Loud but mostly harmless…

Correction: The above Tweet was from Davis to Sakisheway and not the way I first posted it

Update: I have just got off the phone with Jeff Davis (at his insistence that I call) but have nothing significant to add except my above correction

Yukon government union employee runs to media claiming I’m “intimidating” him

As a follow-up to my post on the CBC hiding the backgrounds of two people complaining about receiving robocalls and as I updated,  started looking into it (see here).

This is the email I sent to Nardi who is the Communication Officer at the Yukon Employees Union and as I assumed he is very well versed in receiving correspondence at work, I cc’ed his supervisor:


Could you confirm if this is you quoted in this CBC story please? 


Dean Skoreyko


Nardi’s reply:

Can you please tell me who are you, who you work for, and why you have contacted my place of employment? Please understand that I do not conduct personal business on my employer’s time.

I thought that kind of strange as he is paid to be a Communications Director but at least then in my mind it semi-answered the question whether this was an ‘official’ effort backed by the union.
I’m a conservative blogger who is trying to find out the relevant backgrounds of the people quoted in that CBC story I forwarded you. Googling my name will easily provide you with my background.
Thank you Dean. I am at work and can’t answer your questions on work time. But I’d be happy to help you when I leave. One thing I can tell you is that my question to Mr. Leef (it was a question, not an accusation—I clearly said that in my posting) had nothing to do with my employer nor any political party. It was a constituent question pure and simple. I have cc’d this email to my home address for further reference. Feel free to contact me there.

Ok, so there is the complete correspondence between myself and Nardi as I left it for the time being while waiting for a reply from the CBC North contacts of Jennifer Geens, Elaine Look and Cheryl Kawaja to this email I sent:


I am trying to confirm if it was Cheryl Kawaja who was the reporter for this story and if so, was she aware of the union and NDP backgrounds of the people quoted in the story?<

And that's where it sat until I was sent a link from the Yukon News in which I am mentioned:

But he was not the only one attacking Nardi.

Conservative blogger Dean Skoreyko sent an email to Nardi’s work address, despite the fact Nardi’s personal email is available on Facebook.

“And (Skoreyko) copied it to my supervisor at work,” said Nardi.

“If that isn’t an attempt to intimidate, what is?” (see here)

I have an issue with creeping people’s Facebook, so as a rule of thumb, I don’t do it. I wouldn’t like someone doing it to my personal Facebook profile, so I don’t do it to others and I’ll leave it to you to decide if I was “intimidating” Nardi as from his email responses, he didn’t seem to be shaking in fright.

After getting some ‘fun’ Tweets from whiny, pearl clutching socialists who live up North:

Pete Wann ‏@pwannn

@Geargals @mrsnorth60 @adelorenzo You both have more worthwhile things to do than engage that douchenozzle @bcbluecon

I emailed to the editor, publisher and reporter at the Yukon News:

I was sent this story link in which my name is mentioned “intimidating” Bob Nardi. Curiously (and more than slightly ironic) you ran it without getting in touch with me. 

 Would you please explain your newspaper’s policy in that regard and if indeed your reporter followed what I would think be normal journalistic protocol?
Dean Skoreyko

I’ll update if I hear back

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