Conservative MPs playing dangerous game getting involved in certain provincial elections

It is very bad idea for Conservative MPs to get involved in provincial elections unless a clear distinction between a Conservative and Liberal parties such as exists in Ontario.

I directly asked Stephen Harper about it during a meeting in his office in Ottawa and at that time, he refused to allow his caucus to choose sides, so why is he doing it now in BC, Alberta and Quebec?  (see here)

I can’t see anything positive from this decision and only family squabbles.

Liberal MP lied about contents of complaint letter on Conservative MP Breitkreuz

Never letting the truth get in the way of a good smear has always been the Liberal way and MP Judy Foote continued that tradition when she accused Conservative MP Garry Breitkreuz of saying:

“(Breitkreuz) told a classroom of Ottawa high school students — some as young as 14 — that all Canadians should carry firearms, and girls in particular should be armed to protect themselves from sexual assault.

Does the minister of public safety agree with his colleagues’ extreme position that children should be carrying loaded guns into the schoolyard?”  (see here)

The National Post’s Matt Gurney has a copy of the letter in question attached to his very good column (see here) and of course it states nothing of the sort. It’s safe to lie in the cosy confines of the House of Commons which then allows the Ottawa Press to lamely say “we are just reporting what is being said”.

Foote will be forced to issue an ‘apology’ but meanwhile, another’s character has been smeared across the country.


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