CTV’s Don Martin suspended over restaurant incident?


From the news aggregate National Newswatch:

NNW Insider: CTV’s Scott Henderson responded to National Newswatch with ‘We have no comment’ in an email requesting confirmation that Power Play host Don Martin has been suspended from the network. Sources tell National Newswatch Martin was suspended following an incident in an Ottawa restaurant on budget night. Martin was not on the air Friday. Kevin Newman hosted Martin’s broadcast. (see here)

Update: The Sun’s David Akin is reporting that Martin may have been suspended over getting into an altercation with Stephen Harper’s ex-communication director Dimitri Soudas telling him and Bell CEO George Cope to “go fuck themselves” (see here)


CBC omits UK MP’s charged Russian spy girlfriend in submarine story

Although I highly doubt anyone would disagree that Canada got ripped off when the Chretien Liberals purchased the ‘Dud Subs’ from Britain in 1998, I find it bizarre that the CBC reporter would have used someone with a background like Liberal Democrat MP Mike Hancock’s as their source. (see here)

Besides an indecent sexual assault charge that was dropped in 2010, Hancock’s aide Ekaterina Zatuliveter (26) was charged with espionage by Britian’s M15 and admitted to having an affair with the married 65-year-old Hancock. (see here) 

Are we seriously suppose to believe that the CBC journo had no idea of Hancock’s past?

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