Toronto Star quotes source saying Sun’s Akin version of Don Martin incident “pack of lies”

I honesty couldn’t care less if  Don Martin had told his big boss at CTV and  Stephen Harper’s ex-communication director Dimitri Soudas to “go fuck themselves” (see here) except as a study on the inside-baseball dynamics of the media in Ottawa.

Yesterday, the first report we had of what happened was from the Sun’s David Akin but then Postmedia’s Glen McGregor waded in much later (see here). Besides McGregor definitely spinning this as Soudas not being able to take a joke, remember, he was with his good buddy Stephen Maher when Maher was kicked out of a Manning conference event.


“As has been reported, I was ejected from a Manning Centre party last night. Today I’m told it was a misunderstanding. Case closed.” (see here)

Not a word was mentioned by any of the clique of “Mean Girls” that make up a select group of Ottawa Hill journos who ‘decide’ what gossip will be the official media topic and what won’t be.

Then this morning, the Toronto Star runs an unaccredited story with an anonymous source saying:

Early news reports on Saturday from the Conservative-friendly SunMedia chain… But a CTV source said this early version of events amounted to a “pack of lies” and witnesses to the event have reportedly told CTV and others that Cope’s name was never mentioned. (see here)

Talk about chicken**** reporting huh?

But my favourite was this gem Tweeted this morning by Maher:

Surely we’re free in this country to make jokes about the director of communications for the Canadian Olympic Committee. It’s not Russia.

To which I replied:

You were there? Also huge contradiction “no comment” on you being kicked out of Manning event but now Tweeting on Martin

I’ll update you if he responds back.

Update: It has been confirmed to me by the news aggregate National Newswatch (who first broke this) that it was Susan Delacourt who wrote the unaccredited Star story


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    […] give you this unsigned piece quoting an anonymous source: I honesty couldn’t care less if  Don Martin had told his big boss at CTV and  Stephen […]

  2. Alain Says:

    Considering that to date no one at SNN has been caught lying contrary to the consensus media folks, I know whom I believe. Anytime those at SNN discovered they had given incorrect information, they immediately acknowledged their error and corrected it, which again is more than one can say about the consensus media folks. As for the story itself, personally I just don’t care other than the poorly attempted cover-up and then trying to smear SNN.

  3. Roger Says:

    National Newswatch credited the TS story to Delacourt

    • BC Blue Says:

      I’ve have already asked Delacourt if she wrote the story but no reply so far:

      @SusanDelacourt Did you write this Soudas/Martin piece?

    • BC Blue Says:

      I have just now sent this:

      @natnewswatch You have Star’s Susan Delacourt listed on Soudas/ Martin story. Is that confirmed?

      • Jen Says:

        Good on you bcblue to ask for conformation. Delacourt and the usual culprits actually do think you are a complete fool to try and pull the wool over your eyes.
        Where was Delacourt sitting to know what was been said.

  4. Fay Says:

    SunNews has a better record of reporting the facts than The Media Party.
    Does anyone else feel that these smart talking journos need to grow up? The 3 M’s Mcgregor,Mahar and Martin sound like teenagers. Maybe a highschool principal should have a talk with them about attitude.

  5. Liz J Says:

    The unaccredited Star story may well have been written by a blonde in red booties. It’s not good policy to put out unaccredited stories, if journalists can’t sign their name to them we really can’t take them seriously, it’s cowardly as well IMO.

  6. syncrodox Says:

    I guess Susan isn’t done with cartoon journalism just yet. Check out this tweet she sent after the Trudeau vs. Brazzeau fight lastnight;

    Okay, so Trudeau won. Does this mean we’re done with cartoon politics and journalism?

    I also caught her non-answer, response to your query Dean…lame.

  7. Exurban Says:

    I don’t know anything about the real details of this incident. But I do know that CTV News has gone farther and farther left over the years and is now possibly to the left of the CBC. If they reported the sun was shining I’d have to check outside.

  8. Bec Says:

    The bottom line for me is that Don Martin has developed a nasty, sarcastic side and if he did indeed make a sarcastic comment to the MP girlfriend of the previous PM’s communication director, he’s lucky to still be standing.
    The mean DM is not pleasant. He thinks he’s funny but in reality he’s just a loud mouthed boor.
    I believe the version that suggest he was being a jerk. It fits.

  9. Dirt Says:

    I’m surprised they have time to write anything, my gawd that liberal media bed must be real big cause they sure like to share.

    • Jen Says:

      The media are holding on to each other for dear life. Afraid that one of them is going to fall taking the others with him or her. no wonder they are all singing the same tune.
      And while they are so scared to tell the truth or tell the story straight, the bloggers are doing the work.

  10. paulsstuff Says:

    I notice NNW has now deleted the attribution to Delacourt. Most likely one of two reasons.

    1. She didn’t write it.
    2. She did write it and now realizes the quote Akin attributed to Martin was in fact correct, and rather than admit being wrong she’d rather let the false story in The Star go on.

    My bet is on #2

    • BC Blue Says:

      Yes, he changed it right after I asked him about it and I had an interesting Twitter exchanges with Delacourt about it as well.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Delacourt: “I agreed to pull together the story, with multiple contributions, and chopped byline off for space reasons. No plot.”

  11. john Says:

    Ha! I LOVE this blog man! You stick it to the people who so desperately need sticking.

  12. bluetech Says:

    I’m with you BCBlue on the initial story..who cares what that bunch does off hours?, and no was Don Martin after all.
    So the more interesting story is Delacourt running to Martin’s defence.
    They have drawn the lines clearly.
    It’s old boys media club vs. SNN, and Susie D wants to play.

  13. kevanywhere Says:

    Nice to see the picture of Ralph at the St Louis Hotel. I was a bartender there for almost 10 years and have met Ralph many times. Sad to hear of his condition now, best of luck Ralph.

    • BC Blue Says:

      That’s very interesting…he was known to hang out there quite a bit right? It was torn down recently?

      • Don Sharpe Says:

        St Louis Hotel – Chicken & Chips, Terry-cloth table covers and waitress’s with huge trays of 25 cent beers in offical ALCB glasses . . …
        and there sat Mayor Ralph Klein – nicest guy in the room.
        A smile and a kind word for everyone who stopped to say hi.
        Man, I miss those days.
        Don Martin was just a regular joe then too.
        All of us were.
        It’ll be a shame if the whole story ends with Don as a bad guy.

  14. ce tams Says:

    A story making the rounds in Ottawa …
    Have you heard the one about the falling down drunk who
    approached a patron at Hy’s who was his girlfriend,
    an attractive MP?
    The drunk asked the female MP, “what are you doing with him?
    I bucked his wife, so I can understand why he ditched her.
    My question is why would you go out with a loser like him?
    The patron asked the drunk: “have you lost your marbles as
    well as your ratings?”

    A few more insults followed.
    The patron told the drunk to get lost or he would tell his employer
    what a boor he was. The drunk replied he didn’t give a buck who he told.
    To be continued …

  15. Jen Says:

    O/T, NDPQF mp Julian is deeply saddened to CPC 10% . cut to CBC
    But seems to very proud to LIBERALS’ -30 % cut to CBC.

    Gosh darn 10% cut not too deep like Liberals’ 30% ? why didn’t you say so Peter Julian?

    Why didn’t Julian mention his liberal coalition buddies on their 30% cut?
    Even CBC is proud of their beloved Liberals 30% cut to them. But not the CPC own mingy 10% cut. What sickos.

  16. albertaclipper Says:

    @exurban: I don’t know anything about the real details of this incident. But I do know that CTV News has gone farther and farther left over the years and is now possibly to the left of the CBC. If they reported the sun was shining I’d have to check outside.
    Truer words have not been spoken.

    As for Akin….the only conservative part of him are his suits. I was shocked when he was hired by SNN.

  17. bismuth Says:

    Hey if he didn’t get it when the Saudis told BELL not to broadcast the ethical oil ads, he was living in a fantasy world. Hard left always and everyday ( that is the CTV meme). If he thinks a drunken epiphany will restore his credibility he is sorrily mistaken.

  18. The Ottawa Press clique “Mean Girls” targets Conservative MP « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] I’ve written before about this select group of Parliamentary journos who act as a pack and cross-over many news organizations when Postmedia’s Stephen Maher was kicked out of a Manning Centre function and CTV’s Don Martin got suspended after a confrontation with Harper’s ex-communication director (see here). […]

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