Postmedia robocall super-sleuth duo’s ‘scoop’ blows up in their face

In another attempt to keep their robocall meme alive, Postmedia’s Glen McGregor and Stephen Maher breathlessly report that Response Marketing Group does telemarketing work for the Historica-Dominion Institute in a story titled “Charity funded by the government has links to Tory call centre”. (see here)

The overtones are of course some sort of scandalous insider reason for this company to get the contract to do the fundraising but when one takes a look at the HDI’s board of directors, this lame attempt falls apart pretty darn fast.

Wonder if Maher or McGregor interviewed the CBC’s TV host Rick Mercer who isn’t exactly known to be a conservative sympathizer? (see here)

Another day and another ‘scandal’ that only leaves their reputation in tatters.


Globe blames Wildrose’s Smith for Redford staffer story

A jaw-dropping column by the Globe and Mail’s Vancouver-based Gary Mason shows just how far a newspaper will go to support its chosen candidate.

We all remember the condescending headline (see above) that the Globe ran when Alison Redford won the AB PC leadership race by coming up the middle and they dripped more of the same with a stinker of a column in which Mason blames Danielle Smith for making an issue of the idiotic Tweet (see here) from Redford’s staffer:

For instance, if Ms. Wilkie’s tweet was so offensive, why did Wildrose staffers instantly begin retweeting it? Why did they want to ensure that the breathtakingly immature comments of a low-level staffer in the Premier’s Calgary office to a small number of followers got wider play? For partisan political reasons? That would be a reasonable conclusion. (see here)

Let’s forget for a moment that this was written by a male BC journo who was shipped in by the Globe to cover the Alberta election and take Mason’s silly musings apart with just a few points as if someone credible had written it.

– apparently Mason thinks that having a paid government worker smearing Smith is ok as long as it’s just a “lower-level staffer”. That same logic then would apply to the robocall ‘scandal’ right?

– the idea that this wasn’t a story until the Wildrose reacted to it is beyond dumb. Once again, I’d point to a number of the Globe stories to the robocall faux outrages as evidence.

– the only way for Smith could ‘win’ was not to defend herself to this personal, gender-slanted mud-slinging. Mason is of course an expert on what Smith should have felt (and how sincere her reaction) about such sleazy things being said about her.

– Mason writing a column saying Smith should have ignored the entire issue entirely destroys his own thesis

Now check out an example of the Alberta anti-Wildrose media who are defending Mason. This is from the Edmonton Journal’s David Staples:

@DavidStaplesYEG Friends of Wildrose can’t do enough to try and discredit Gary Mason’s point of view. Struck a nerve?

@DavidStaplesYEG Yes, put me on your Friends of Wildrose enemies list. That’s DAVID STAPLES.

And these gems from the Calgary Herald’s Robert Remington:

@RobertRemingtonThe media control freaks of the Wildrose Party strike again

@RobertRemingtonThin-skinned Wildrose bullies the media, again

and then has the audacity to re-Tweet this

@Premier_Redford is the right choice to lead Alberta, smart, compassionate, conservative

The Wildrose not only has to deal with the Albertan pro-Redford media, it has to contend with an imported reporter from Vancouver sent there by the Globe to make sure you “ignorant rednecks” don’t do anything foolish like actually vote in a conservative party.

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