Postmedia’s Maher and McGregor should be fired for omitting names in robocall smear story

After pointing out yesterday what a complete joke Glen McGregor’s and Stephen Maher’s story was (see here) for not mentioning Rick Mercer sits on the Historica-Dominion Institute board of directors, I was sent an interesting name to Google, Marc Chalifoux. Chalifoux, it turned out was a senior aide to Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff in charge of media relations (see here).

So as Maher and McGregor mention the time-fame:

“The federation confirmed they have used RMG for fundraising since at least 2009”

While doing my on-line search, I found that Marc Chalifoux was appointed vice-president of HDI in Sept ’09 , so how is it possible that these two highly touted ‘investigative’ journos missed this relevant fact?

It’s bad enough that McGregor and Maher didn’t ‘discover’ CBC’s most famous celebrity and a Liberal Party media relations director’s connections to this “Tory call centre” but the coup de grâce came when I found who it was that was above Chalifoux at HDI.

Drum roll please…it turns out that it was a Postmedia co-worker of McGregor’s and Maher’s:

The Historica-Dominion Institute is led by Andrew Cohen, who has been named president. Mr. Cohen is an award-winning journalist, best-selling author and professor of journalism and international affairs. He has worked in Washington, London and Berlin, and now writes a weekly column for The Ottawa Citizen, syndicated in Canwest newspapers. His books include While Canada Slept: How We Lost Our Place in the Worldand Extraordinary Canadians: Lester B. Pearson. He is joined by Marc Chalifoux, the former executive director of The Dominion Institute, who has been named executive vice-president.

Tell me how these two keep their jobs?

Update: Historica-Dominion Institute calls out Maher and McGregor for “misleading Citizen readers” (see here) h/t Martin

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