Global falsely reports AB PC candidate “kicked and punched in face”

For those not following the Alberta election you are missing an unprecedented mid-campaign implosion of a political party. You know you’re in big trouble when a story about a candidate getting assaulted while door-knocking is the ‘best’ press you’ve received in weeks.

Over the weekend, there was first a story from Calgary Herald’s Licia Corbella about how 3 PC MLAs and other party bigwigs are planning a coup regardless if Alison Redford wins (see here) but this shocking news hardly had time to make a ripple before the PC’s campaign manager, Stephen Carter, Tweeted this:

Minister Lukaszuk was assaulted while door knocking in Edm Castledowns. He is shaken but not injured. Police are on scene

Wow huh? The story quickly evolved and a good run-down can be read here but while initially Googling the story, I ran across this from Global Edmonton:

An altered version is now posted on Global’s site including a video shot outside the voter’s house (see here) but still no explanation on how Global first came to report that Lukaszuk was “punched and kicked in the face”.

Did the reporter make it all up or did someone feed that false information to him/her?

Update: Lukaszuk caught lying about previous confrontation with this Edmonton home owner (see here)

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