Global falsely reports AB PC candidate “kicked and punched in face”

For those not following the Alberta election you are missing an unprecedented mid-campaign implosion of a political party. You know you’re in big trouble when a story about a candidate getting assaulted while door-knocking is the ‘best’ press you’ve received in weeks.

Over the weekend, there was first a story from Calgary Herald’s Licia Corbella about how 3 PC MLAs and other party bigwigs are planning a coup regardless if Alison Redford wins (see here) but this shocking news hardly had time to make a ripple before the PC’s campaign manager, Stephen Carter, Tweeted this:

Minister Lukaszuk was assaulted while door knocking in Edm Castledowns. He is shaken but not injured. Police are on scene

Wow huh? The story quickly evolved and a good run-down can be read here but while initially Googling the story, I ran across this from Global Edmonton:

An altered version is now posted on Global’s site including a video shot outside the voter’s house (see here) but still no explanation on how Global first came to report that Lukaszuk was “punched and kicked in the face”.

Did the reporter make it all up or did someone feed that false information to him/her?

Update: Lukaszuk caught lying about previous confrontation with this Edmonton home owner (see here)


32 Responses to “Global falsely reports AB PC candidate “kicked and punched in face””

  1. taxpayer Says:

    I watched this on Calgary CTV late last night. They referred to the “victim” as a “campaigner”, and identify him by name only. Minister of Education for the Party currently in power is just a “campaigner”. Just the facts, eh.

    Bulls his way onto a property clearly identifying their support for an opposing Party and refuses to leave when requested? Just had to set that voter straight on who they “should” vote for, or they’d vote for the wrong Party Then calls police when forced from the property. Oh yeah, new Bill 36 covers this – no rights to property, as it’s under a “government designated election area suspension of property rights”, while the election is on. Real smart, in your face politics.

  2. marryt Says:

    Just watched this on ctv news, and tom is really full of it. He is trying to condone his actions, and then we have the homeowner coming on to say he is dying of liver failure. So, who is the bully now.
    This guy is one of redali’s ministers, yikes. He looks like an overaged hippy.

  3. Stan Says:

    CTV also said the two parties were neck and neck…

  4. robins111 Says:

    If I was a young healthy minister of the government, and just got my slats kicked by a pensioner, half my weight and 25 years older.. the last thing I’d be doing would be to run to the cops and the press.

  5. blamecrash Says:

    We all owe Al Michalchuk a debt of gratitude for putting the Al back in Alberta.
    Loitering Toms get what they deserve, especially when they refuse to leave a man’s property when asked

  6. Steven Says:

    He has nice hair

  7. Dirt Says:

    Saw the story on CTV, was appalled that they stated that there was an eye witness who happened to be with the Conservative canadate at the time of the alleged incident. Once again liberal media trying to smear the right whilst giving the fake conservative leftwing nuts in Alberta victim status. Picking on an ill ole man how charming.

  8. marryt Says:

    If he ends up getting charged for whatever, I will donate to his defense fund.

  9. marryt Says:

    Wish he or a pc guy would come to my door, I would meet him with a pamper and dish of pablum.

    • RJ65 Says:

      My PC candidate came to my door yesterday. When asked why I would not support the Tories I told him that if I wanted NDP I would vote for the real thing. WRP all the way folks!

  10. john Says:

    “……Did the reporter make it all up”?

    Short answer? – YES.

  11. bubbabrown Says:

    Yup Alberta, even sick old guys can and will kick your ass,
    Headline should read……………………
    “Metrosexual Minister gets Atomic Wedgie from sick old guy.”LOL
    Just when you think it could not get worse for PC’s
    Maybe Minister Lukaszuk can appear on Oprah, a bit of tea and sympathy from Dr Phil.
    Maybe a makeover?
    Cheers Bubba roflmao in BC

    • blamecrash Says:

      Yes, Loitering Tom certainly has the airs of a Uptown Dandy. But he needs to sharpen up his acting skills. That look of anguish is totally unbelievable. If you don’t believe me, just have another look at the incredulous expression on his side kicks mug. You can almost see him rolling his eyes and saying “Come on Tom! Let’s get with it!”

  12. bubbabrown Says:

    From the sounds of things this Minister Lukaszik pushed this old guys buttons and was escorted of the property by a man twice his age and in very poor health.
    Then this wussy calls the cops.
    I can hardly wait to see the security video on Sun NEWS.

    • marryt Says:

      Was this guy promoted to minister after redali got elected as leader, or was he in cabinet before. I bet his is like dion, and wishing for a do over of his actions in calling the police. First redali wants all those having a glass of wine and driving home to be considered a drunk driver, now she has a candidate attacking seniors. Is he the guy that wrote a school board and told them to shut up or they would get nothing. Will those promised new schools be built if someone votes against them in the riding.
      I thought it was only Quebec that used blackmail to get what they want.

  13. Ardvark Says:

    Okay sports fans, we have your video. Global:

    It looks like both parties stretched the truth but only 1 is running for office and had his party issue a press release.

  14. Boorshnik Greesh Says:

    Can’t see what Tom sees to gain by this kind of exposure – the “agressive younger man owned by a sick old man” vote? The next layer of cement on the pc tomb…

  15. wilson Says:

    ”….He lied like hell when he first told the police I kicked him and punched him,” said Michalchuk, maintaining he only took Lukaszuk by the elbow and “nudged” him off his porch…

    He also said Michalchuk followed him outside and right to the sidewalk, screaming about property rights. The video, however, shows Michalchuk never left his front porch.

    “I’m thoroughly disgusted by the fact that this fellow who’s running for re-election can turn around and lie to the police, saying that I assaulted him,” said Michalchuk, who feels his reputation is under attack.

  16. Ed Says:

    What an unbelieveable fool Lukaszuk must be for trying to make an issue of this. It merely points to desperation, and perhaps shows the Alberta PC’s internal polls must agree with the other polls that the party is in freefall without a parachute.
    If he, Redford and their ilk get heaved out the door it won’t be by a sick old man, but by the majority of Alberta voters.

  17. Kenny calling AB PC an “asshole” only made me an even bigger fan « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] And don’t even get me started on the Liberals and NDP who rushed to the side of this so-called conservative AB minister Thomas Lukaszuk. You’ll remember him as the one who called the police on a senior during the last provincial election (see here) […]

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