Has the CBC retracted Milewski’s incorrect voter-fraud story?

The CBC’s Terry Milewski made some very serious allegations about 2,700 late and blank voter registration forms in the riding of Eglinton-Lawrence:

But documents obtained by CBC News show a late influx of unregistered voters in the riding who got on the voters’ list without giving any address. The law requires unregistered voters to provide both a present and former address when filling out a late registration form at a polling station.

A stack of late registration forms shows many provided no address, which is required by the elections law. Others have bogus addresses — a UPS store in one case, a Scotiabank branch in another. (see here)

You’ll notice that Milewski’s story ran March 8th and since then (March 29) Elections Canada CEO Marc Mayrand testified before a MP committee that it was untrue:

“I find it troubling to hear sometimes sweeping and vague allegations of irregularities being made public many months after the election and not supported by specific facts. In some cases, the complaints are made to the media without any information being forwarded to Elections Canada. Such allegations cannot be verified, and merely undermine the trust of Canadians.

For example, there’s been recent media coverage on allegations of a large number of unqualified electors voting in Scarborough—Rouge River and improper voter registrations in Eglinton—Lawrence during the May 2011 election. No specific actionable information has been provided to us, making any kind of review challenging, to say the least.

Regardless, in Eglinton—Lawrence we were able to determine that the forms shown in the media were in fact copies of applications to register and vote by local special ballot, and not polling day registration forms. To be diligent, we examined all 1,275 of these forms, and, with the exception of three voters who were listed at a commercial address, could not find any evidence of irregularities as claimed. The three cases that we identified are being looked into as we speak.” (see here)

So, here we have a CBC story proven false 14 days ago but as far as I know, there has not been a retraction and apology from them. Is it possible that Terry Milewski and the entire CBC news department missed that part of Mayrand’s testimony?

Although I know he is a big ‘fan’ of mine and a regular reader, I’ll still send a copy of this blog post to Milewski for clarification.

Update: CBC runs another voter-fraud allegation story  (see here)


Another day of James Moore suckering us Conservatives

The distasteful shell-game has become an all too common Liberal tactic played by Heritage Minister James Moore.

Two weeks ago we heard that Pierre Trudeau’s $15M a year Katimavik youth job exchange program was finally eliminated to the cheers of Conservative supporters but today Moore announces a $27M nearly identical program focused in Toronto. (see here)

How long will you Conservative supporters put up with Moore’s love for Liberal big-government? When will you start pushing back?

Also: See earlier post on Moore “reviewing” what Target will be putting on it’s shelves here

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