But CBC Kady will keep her job right?

During last night’s Canucks game, I noticed that even with all the ‘outrage’ over the CBC’s job losses there were at least 8 talking-heads being paid during the broadcast. These 8 were just the commentators, play-by-play and colour guys I saw and not the unknown amount of other employees like producers, editors etc.

It got me thinking about how the news department employees who lost their jobs this week feel about where the CBC spends our money? If it was me, I’d be pretty upset.

Then this morning, after seeing Kady O’Malley’s latest article, I wondered if their jobs were more important and meaningful than hers?

I don’t know exactly who lost their jobs and what the job descriptions were but I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that they did more than this to collect their publicly funded pay-cheques (see here).


Why is Minister Moore defending anti-Conservatives?

It was amusing for a while watching the artificial wailing by the CBC and their cohorts thrashing around screaming “slashed” and “axe taken” about the 3% funding reduction until I read a story by the Sun’s Mark Dunn.

Dunn went to Heritage Minister James Moore for comment about this phony outrage over 88 jobs being eliminated from the total of 9,432 CBC employees and how it’s being used as a political attack:

When bluntly asked whether the CBC was trying to damage the Conservative government, he responded: “There is no evidence of that.” (see here)

Does Moore really believe this or if not, why would he try to protect those who are so obviously trying to undermine his own leader and government?


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