Globe runs Danielle Smith/Sarah Palin comparision

The Globe and Mail ran the front page headline (see above) by Sydney Sharpe complete with the anonymous quote:

Her critics like to characterize her as Alberta’s version of Sarah Palin (see here)

The Globe has of course done it’s level best to prop up the PCs under their favourite Liberal dressed up as a Conservative, Alison Redford and damage the Wildrose and Smith (see here) so I just chalked this up as another smear job by them although I did find one thing interesting.

The question of who Sydney Sharpe is was pointed out to me as she was an unfamiliar Globe name and after a quick Google search, I found out that she was listed (March 31 2012) as the Calgary Herald’s editorial writer and columnist (see here) so you have to wonder what a Postmedia employee is doing writing this huge expose piece for the Globe?

Maybe she is no longer at the Herald?

h/t JMSchow


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