At least Rae now admits he was lying about Liberal leadership ambitions

Here’s Liberal Bob Rae from November 2011:

“It won’t be me. I’m not going to run for leadership.” (see here)

And here’s Lying Bob from Saturday:

“There’s going to be a contest for the leadership. It’s not going to be a coronation for the leadership. It’s going to be a very competitive, open race. I’m just waiting to hear whether or not I’m allowed to participate in it. (see here)


NDP’s Martin apologises to another robocall company

The legal crow-eating continues as NDP MP Pat Martin has now held a press conference to make a very brief apology to the company Racknine and its owner Matthew Meier.

“Racknine was merely an innocent intermediary, not a participant, in electoral fraud”

Martin was served notice by Racknine in early March (see here) and this is now the 2nd time he has had to apologize for his big mouth over the robocall issue as he was forced to “clarify” his comments about Campaign Research in late February (see here).

Update: This is actually the 3rd time Martin has had to remove his foot from his mouth over the robocall file. In mid-March, he also apologized to Responsive Marketing Group (see here)

Update: Racknine has not determined that Martin’s apology is sufficient as the damage to the company has already been done (see here)

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