My email to Elections BC about ex-CTV’s Pamela Martin Liberal campaigning

Last August, after helping Christy Clark win the Liberal leadership race, Pamela Martin was given a sweet $130,000 a year taxpayer-funded gig as Clark’s Caucus Outreach Director (see here) so when I saw Martin on the news campaigning in one of the by-elections going on, I sent this email to Elections BC:

While watching Global News I noticed that Pamela Martin was campaigning for the Liberal candidate Laurie Throness. As she is a government paid employee, I would like to know if she has taken a leave of absence prior to this partisan activity?

18:10 mark 

Please let me know the results of your investigation into this matter.
Update: April 21. I have sent in another email to Elections BC as I have received no response so far

Is someone inside Elections Canada leaking robocall investigation details to reporters?

The story yesterday from Postmedia’s robocall super-sleuth duo of Stephen Maher and Glen McGregor caught my eye and got me wondering how they obtained some of their information:

Elections Canada investigators on the trail of the “Pierre Poutine” suspect in the robocalls case have been asking questions about the actions of staff at Conservative party headquarters in Ottawa.

Nearly a year after the investigation began, the agency is trying to determine why database records provided by the party appear to be missing entries that could help identify who downloaded the phone numbers used to make fraudulent robocalls, according to a source familiar with the probe.

Investigators Al Mathews and Ronald Lamothe are now trying to determine who had access to a list of voters who previously had been identified as non-Conservatives. (see here)

Tell me if that doesn’t sound like someone inside Elections Canada is illegally giving out details of an ongoing investigation to damage the Conservative Party?

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