National Post thinks it’s funny to call all Wildrose candidates “homophobes”?

You have to wonder if any editing at newspapers goes on nowadays or is the bias so deeply entrenched that they can’t see something as offensive as what Liberal blogger Dan Arnold wrote:

But the latest polls show Danielle Smith and her band of lovable homophobes poised for power — some polls even have PC support dipping below 30%, into “Liberal territory”. (see here)

How was it possible for this smear declaring Wildrose bigotry got past the editor? Is this what counts as humour there?

Who signed off on this and will that person (along with Arnold) still continue to be employed by the National Post?


PC’s Redford caught lying about Gary Mar’s reinstatement

This quote is from Alison Redford during the leadership debate when the topic turned to Gary Mar fundraising while collecting a Alberta government pay-cheque as the Asian envoy:

“Every time that I speak to Albertans, if there’s something that I have to acknowledge, that I’ve done wrong, then I’ll admit it” (see here)

But according to Dave Rutherford, it turns out that Mar was already reinstated when Redford said that:

Gary Mar exonerated of ethics violation after internal investigation. Will get back pay, severance. Decision made before debate

Liar, liar pants on fire.

Update: Redford has now issued a press release saying she didn’t know about Mar being “cleared”

Update: The lies keeping coming as now the PCs are saying that they can’t release the information because it’s a “confidentiality matter”. Albertan taxpayers are not allowed to know if they are funding a Asian envoy?

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