National Post thinks it’s funny to call all Wildrose candidates “homophobes”?

You have to wonder if any editing at newspapers goes on nowadays or is the bias so deeply entrenched that they can’t see something as offensive as what Liberal blogger Dan Arnold wrote:

But the latest polls show Danielle Smith and her band of lovable homophobes poised for power — some polls even have PC support dipping below 30%, into “Liberal territory”. (see here)

How was it possible for this smear declaring Wildrose bigotry got past the editor? Is this what counts as humour there?

Who signed off on this and will that person (along with Arnold) still continue to be employed by the National Post?


12 Responses to “National Post thinks it’s funny to call all Wildrose candidates “homophobes”?”

  1. Liz J Says:

    National Post, file under lost cause, taken over by the same element as the rest of the print media.

  2. antfrm Says:

    am running out of time to write all the usual suspects and correct their lying garbage – Alberta mayors, ex-premiers, lazy journalists, leftist media sickos, PC hacks , CBC whack job entitlists – many should be sued for libel
    – guess I’ll just continue working as hard as I can to get a Wildrose candidate elected

    • RJ65 Says:

      Ditto here! I hope on Monday that my progressive MLA will be unemployed and replaced by my dynamic Wildrose candidate.

  3. blamecrash Says:

    The Post, like the rest of the Toronto journalistic frauds appear to be on the take. Those billion dollars of taxpayer’s money that the CBC gets can buy a lot of influence. Especially for those who are economically famished like these media fraudsters.
    Wouldn’t you just love to see the unedited accounting ledgers of the CBC’s!
    You never know, it just might come true one day.

  4. Frunger Says:

    I like CalgaryGrit’s blog for the most part. It’s like talking to the least crazy guy in the asylum but someone needs to get that guy a roast beef sandwich.

    Living on a diet of veggies, beer and left-wing talking points doesn’t look like it’s doing him any good.

  5. Steve Says:

    Stick and stones …. let them call us nasty names, we’ll keep the country running.

  6. john Says:

    I’m sort of working both sides of the fence. I’m volunteering for my Wild Rose candidate but I had a conversation with my PC incumbant MLA. (He’s actually a pretty damned good fellow. I told him I truly admired the work he’s done as an MLA over the years [truth] but I couldn’t support him because of Redford and the left wing slant of the party.

    He tried to win me over & explain his position but he stopped when I politely told him my mind was made up. Just after we finished talking a lady began talking to him saying the exact same thing. I’ve heard rumours there are many PCs furious with Redford and want her ousted as leader whether she wins or not. Even while I volunteer for the WRA I hope to fan the flames of this potential little rebellion.

  7. Shane in the 'wack Says:

    Flip *&(*%&%
    If Wildrose wins I’m going to have to think about moving to AB. I’m from Chilliwack and now in NDP hell. I moved from MB to get away from their crap. Gwen O’whatever after I don’t know how many times finally took the seat because….
    1. Libs and Conservatives split the bleepin’ vote because of thestrong conservative candidate
    2. Libs still reasonate as a centre, slightly left on a local level
    3. Confusion over federal Conservatives endorsing Liberals
    4. I imagine voter turnout was under 40% and NDP got their vote out. People are so $#@&^&^%*^$ lazy here. Municipal turnout was under 30%. An absolute embarassment.
    We have an older population and I imagine they are voting NDP because they want their payoff. Socialism is a great thing until you run out of money.
    Unless the Libs kick Christy’s ass to the curb toot sweet, the next stop is have not province!

    Shane in the ‘wack

  8. Scott M Says:

    The left is in a complete frenzy here, media and mayors, have all joined together to sidetrack the issues. Unbelievable. Every time Red Ali talks, billions fall out of her mouth, same with the libs and dippers. And what is the fourth estate concern with?! The debt? Where all these billions of dollars for these promises are going to come from? (that would be a provincial sales tax folks) Nope. The biggest election issue in Alberta is Bob and Bill’s right not to be offended from people who to dare question whether it is wise to educate our children about Bob and Bill’s penchant for cramming their joints’ into each other’s backsides! Yep that’s the burning issue in Alberta. Time for the meteor to hit and give another species a chance

  9. Toronto Star columnist uses word “bimbo” in Danielle Smith column « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] Post’s resident Liberal bloggers calling all the Wildrose candidates “homophobes” (see here) and now today, Tim Harper of the Toronto Star unbelievably uses the word “bimbo” in […]

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