PC’s Redford caught lying about Gary Mar’s reinstatement

This quote is from Alison Redford during the leadership debate when the topic turned to Gary Mar fundraising while collecting a Alberta government pay-cheque as the Asian envoy:

“Every time that I speak to Albertans, if there’s something that I have to acknowledge, that I’ve done wrong, then I’ll admit it” (see here)

But according to Dave Rutherford, it turns out that Mar was already reinstated when Redford said that:

Gary Mar exonerated of ethics violation after internal investigation. Will get back pay, severance. Decision made before debate

Liar, liar pants on fire.

Update: Redford has now issued a press release saying she didn’t know about Mar being “cleared”

Update: The lies keeping coming as now the PCs are saying that they can’t release the information because it’s a “confidentiality matter”. Albertan taxpayers are not allowed to know if they are funding a Asian envoy?


7 Responses to “PC’s Redford caught lying about Gary Mar’s reinstatement”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Lying acceptable for Liberals and PC’s who lean that way. Ontario is a prime example of how it works very well, Dalton McGuinty got re-elected to a third majority doing just that.

    • guffman3 Says:

      The third one wasn’t quite a majority (thank God!!). Dalton likes to call it “a major minority”.
      I never know who’s worse, the one who’s lying (eg. Dalton McGuinty), or the boneheads who’ll vote for the liar time and again.

  2. RJ65 Says:

    For some reason, I am not surprised. I guess a person gets used to this kind of operation after a few decades.

  3. wilson Says:

    In the debate REDford denied having said something before and after Mason read her the Hansard quote…..

  4. Bec Says:

    Incompetent! How can the Premier of the province be so out of the loop to not have heard about him being cleared. She should have made it her business to know if he was cleared and she certainly should have, as she said ‘ stayed out of it’ entirely if her intention was to have no involvement. That would include her snide comment during the debate. That doesn’t sound or look like ‘staying out of it’ to me.

  5. blamecrash Says:

    Not only is she a liar, but she’s also a _______.
    Well here, I’ll let others fill in the blank by asking the following. What would you call someone, who after their South African application for immigration was rejected, lashed out and stated something to this effect: “they weren’t looking for anymore white people to immigrate”?
    Now, maybe her saying this isn’t as negative as it sounds when put into a certain context. But if these hypocrite liberal bigots had discovered that Dr Leech had said this very same thing, in the very same context, these scum bags would be lynching him as we speak.
    There is no bigot like a Liberal bigot.
    Just like there is no liar like a journalist liar.

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