NDP strategist who signed affidavit against Cons, involved in robocall dirty-tricks himself

After reading a story about the Council of Canadians (Maude Barlow and Margaret Atwood) submitting affidavits to over-turn 7 election results (see here) the name Bob Penner rang a bell.

Postmedia’s Jeff Davis mentions that Penner has done extensive work for the NDP and other left-wing groups but omits an extremely relevant detail. Penner is CEO of  Strategic Communications which was the company used by the NDP to flood MP Lise St-Denis’ constituency office after she crossed the floor to the Liberals (see here).

I recently had a big spat with Davis over his story on Conservative MP Garry Breitkreuz being falsely accused by a long-gun registry activist of saying things during a classroom presentation (see here) and the same question needs to be asked again – did Davis intentionally hide an important detail in his story?

Once can be shrugged off as a mistake but twice, especially in such a short period of time, starts to look very much like a pattern.

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