Photo: NDP politicians party at bar to celebrate Communist regimes

In a bar called The Deck in the High Country Inn, the NDP gather every Friday to celebrate communist dictatorships and have even painted a symbolic Red Square on the floor of which they proudly posted a video on YouTube:

(To watch the full 5 minute video see here)

And as if it wasn’t bad enough for these NDP “brothers and sisters” to be so openly brazen with their support for murderous psychopaths such as Joseph Stalin, the photo above, taken at a “Vietnam Hat Party” includes 3 Yukon NDP MLAs.

Happily partying to the one party state of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam are:

– far left is MLA Jim Tredger

– behind the guy in the center is MLA Jan Stick

– beside Stick wearing the glasses is MLA Lois Moorcroft

For those who are thinking along the lines of “what do I care about some nutbar Yukon NDP MLAs”, check out who was up North campaigning with these Commies’ leader Liz Hanson:

Little scarier now huh?

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