Vic Toews divorce documents were in Liberal Party files

Liberal leader Bob Rae has now been proven to have lied about his party’s involvement in the vikileaks scandal.

The Liberal staffer, Adam Carroll who was behind the anonymous Twitter account that posted Conservative minister Vic Toews’ divorce documents on-line has now admitted he found them in Liberal Party files during his testimony before a House of Commons committee this morning.

This now directly contradicts Liberal leader Bob Rae who said:

“Matters of personal and private conduct are not to be the subject of political attack or political rhetoric.”

And denied that the Liberal Party would ever be involved in personal attacks such as this. (see here)

Will Rae now do the honourable thing and resign?

Update: Surprise, the CBC makes no mention of Rae’s previous statements about not being involved in personal smear tactics (see here)


Wildrose’s Danielle Smith loss will make her a better premier

Nobody enjoys getting kicked in the political teeth but the sign of one’s true character is how the person reacts to being whupped.

There are basically two choices after suffering a loss like Wildrose leader Danielle Smith did last night:

1) Whine about the inherent unfairness, bad luck, evil media et al and don’t look in the mirror.


2) Pick yourself up off the floor, dust yourself off and get back to work on the things that you screwed up. And I do mean “you” because as leader, it all falls under your responsibility.

Remember, Stephen Harper was set to lead us Conservatives to a victory in 2004 and circumstances eerily similar allowed the Liberals under Paul Martin to squeak out the win. Harper learned from that experience and came back better prepared.

I have immense faith in Danielle Smith that she will do the same and come back stronger and ready to lead Alberta in 4 years.

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