Teacher union group paid “Stop Harper” page to show up at Danielle Smith’s polling station

The moronic Bridgette DePape admitted in an iPoltics interview that she was hired by the group Public Interest Alberta (see here) led by Larry Booi who is was also president of the Alberta Teachers Association to protest (see here) while Wildrose leader Danielle Smith voted:

Q – You keep popping up places. Everyone’s wondering: who’s paying for it?

DePape – It’s really various progressive groups who are concerned and who believe in a green and just future. I was here with the youth activist forum that was organized by Public Interest Alberta.

Q – So they helped pay your way?

DePape – Mm-hmm. (see here)

And of course you will remember that it was the Teachers Association who also helped get Alison Redford installed as leader of the PC Party (see here).

How much will this political dirty-trick end up costing the Albertan taxpayers when the Teachers union comes knocking on Redford’s door looking for a return favour?


CBC Kady confirms to me media outlets were ‘shopped’ Toews divorce documents

Here is the question I posed to CBC’s Kady O’Malley on her live-chat feed this morning:

“Were you or anyone in the media you know shopped Vic Toews’ divorce documents by a political operative?”


“Dean – Not me, no, although from what I’ve heard, nearly every media outlet was digging around that story back in 2007, when it looked like the minister might retire with a judge job in Manitoba.”

Now ask yourself why there is not a single Ottawa journo who has outed the person(s) who were trying to get them to run this smear story.

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