Elections Canada CEO Mayrand should resign for misleading House of Commons

The Sun’s Brian Lilley has discovered some very disturbing information that contradicts Elections Canada’s official line that it does not phone voters:

For the last three federal campaigns, Elections Canada has hired the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) to target select ridings with phone calls aimed at boosting the native vote. (see here)

Compare that to the quotes Lilley has on EC spokesman John Enright:

“I can tell you, Elections Canada doesn’t even have telephone numbers for electors, so the calls would not have come either centrally from Elections Canada or regionally from a returning officer’s office because we simply don’t have that information”

But most disturbing is this from EC CEO Marc Mayrand during his testimony to a MP committee March 29th:

“We do not have the electors’ telephone numbers and do not call them” 

We now have proof that EC does in fact call voters through a 3rd party and have to wonder what else Mayrand hasn’t been telling us?

He should do the honourable thing now and hand in his resignation that includes an apology to the MPs he was untruthful to.

Also: Do you wonder how the Postmedia’s robocall super-sleuth duo of Stephen Maher and Glen McGregor didn’t uncover this evidence?

Incompetence or intentionally omitted and will their editors be asking them a few pointed questions?



30 Responses to “Elections Canada CEO Mayrand should resign for misleading House of Commons”

  1. marryt Says:

    Any chance Pierre Poutine resides with EC and some 3rd party they hired, maybe the AFN

  2. Platty Says:

    “my blog posts repeatedly show up on the Blogging Tories aggregate.”

    It just means your posts are twice as good as the rest of us who are posting……

  3. Bec Says:

    It could be that Barman and Robin did know and just ignored it? Or simply just more lousy investigative journalism? Based on the pieces that I have read, I would conclude as a mere observer that their reporting has always suggested a certain desired outcome, IMPLYING conservative guilt. That implies a mole feeding certain details but not others or picking through the trash and collecting the juiciest. It would not make sense that a mole would suggest EC incompetence nor would these particular journos want that to be the info that they receive I suspect?

    Unless “Conservative” can be mentioned a kazillion times in a negative context, it doesn’t seem worth investigating or writing by so many on the hill. So really, it’s not true gum boot journalism, it’s merely rag gossip, insider trading, anonymous sourcing……but certainly not deep throat quality stuff.

    Having said that, yes this is a resignable piece of information imo. It does seem to suggest that the head of EC is incompetent and to lose trust in such a critical aspect of our democratic processes, (as in the EC operation looks now like a gong show 5/11) is significant.
    The concern I have however is, as so often proven, these people have egos and the more conservative leaning journos/bloggers dig and uncover, it’s those govts that take the heat from the powerful civil service. Their responsibility and accountability just doesn’t seem to fit into the equation or their agenda nor do they ever seem to be outed as such by certain lazy media sources.

  4. dmorris Says:

    Glad to hear it about the multiple blog posts,Dean. I figured you were getting egotistical and were about to leave us for The Blogging Liberals”.

    Mayrand should be told to resign. The Opposition demands the resignation of Cabinet Ministers over everything from helicopter rides to orange juice, so this is certainly cause for dismissal.

    Hiring the AFN to do EC phone calls is SO sleazy,it boggles the mind. AFN is an activist organization,extremely biased against anything Conservative. They’re still bitching about the “Kelowna Accord”!

    • BC Blue Says:

      Yes, I don’t like the idea that people would think I am intentionally reposting them to try and attract more attention. It actually reduces the amount of people who read them as the aggregate kicks in after the 4th post and hides all the earlier ones.

  5. D R S (@exolinguist) Says:

    Again, a simple question:
    Please indicate the words/sentence(s) in the Lilley article which state explicitly that Elections Canada has the phone numbers. This is not a question for Mayrand. This is not a question for Maher and McGregor, this is a question for you. Please explain how you conclude from the text you provided that Elections Canada has the phone numbers.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Here’s a question for you. Why don’t you **** off?

    • Michael Harkov Says:

      Even if EC, as you seem to be contending, doesn’t expressly have those numbers, their 3rd party”proxies” with AFN do. That is a rather convenient layer of distinction, wouldn’t you say. No, of course L(i)btards like you wouldn’t have a problem with that, not when the shoe is on the other foot.

      Now, make nice like Dean said and **** off.

      • BC Blue Says:

        This idiot (along with the other Kady suck-holes) thinks he’s being so very clever ‘reporting’ back to her on what I say about his CBC princess. It’s pathetic and embarrassing.

  6. gerry ewert Says:

    What would be interesting is what script the AFN was using. That Parliament should be able to get as one should be able to assume that EC would construct the message – if they did not then that is a whole other scandal as it implies they provided funding and numbers for partisan political messaging. Either way I think EC should be ‘hooped’.

  7. Liz J Says:

    Elections Canada appears to be acting in a manner that stirs up controversy on a regualr basis, impartiality seems to have gone missing. When it comes to investigations they seem to act in a manner that allows the Opposition and media hacks room to accuse and smear the Conservatives. Until Mayrand and his EC people do their job and find the culprit this will go on. Appears there’s no hurry, when it feeds anti-Conservative agendas.

  8. Martin Says:

    This is very disturbing that EC would get involved in trying to influence voting patterns for a particular group. The scope for manipulation of ballot preference is so obvious. The more I read of EC the less I am impressed with their operation. This revealation calls for another appearence of Mayrand at the House committee, maybe he could have the questions put more forcefully.this time. Also he could answer again about leaks from EC (M&M in particular) and what he is doing about that.

    • Bec Says:

      I agree, it really does seem very manipulative…..enabling….. and this supposed 3rd party is hardly a neutral 3rd party. I find all of this very troubling.

  9. Dirt Says:

    I love the way he states they don’t have phone numbers, talk about plausable denyability in action. We out source our robo calls at EC?

    • BC Blue Says:

      Exactly and then you get these Lefty clowns coming on here saying “tell me where Lilley said they had phone numbers”

    • Liz J Says:

      It may be true they don’t have phone numbers but neither does anyone until they are given to them for a purpose or they look them up…….

    • Dirt Says:

      Clever really they give the money to outside sources to make the calls then they can say what “We didn’t make any phone calls” yea right you pay people to do it for ya EC.

  10. Platty Says:

    When semantics are all that Elections Canada, and Mayrand in particular, can offer for misleading, lying, to the HoC, it’s time to clean house.

  11. Michael Harkov Says:

    The documents show that while the AFN was responsible for setting up the call centre to reach out to native communities and leaders, it was Elections Canada that provided the scripts and had final say on revisions.

    So EC didn’t actually provide the actual telephone numbers………but that is okay, because all they did was provide “final say” on scripts for their little “proxies” to do their calling deeds for them? Oh yeah, you can shave this little degree of separation with a hair so they can conveniently claim they aren’t the ones doing the calling…………and THEY are the ones doing the investigating in the “robocall” affair?

    Enough of this ******* bull****, their investigation should be long over by now, release the name of Pierre Poutine………….NOW! If not, PM Harper should start some mass firings.

  12. Sean M Says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, EC is corrupt to the core, third world corrupt, and needs to be hosed out asap. The Gomery Inquiry talked about the “Liberal” party “culture of corruption” corrupting everything the Liberals touched, EC is a prime example of this institutionalized corruption. PP is clearly a “Liberal” or NDPeer, as there is no way that EC would leave “Liberal”/NDP activists like Maher and MacGregor hanging… if it was a Conservative or someone with whom an association to the Conservatives could be made, that information would have already been leaked from EC to the dynamic dopes.

    • Jen Says:

      ‘if it was a Conservative or someone with whom an association to the Conservatives could be made, that information would have already been leaked from EC to the dynamic dopes’.

      Sean M.
      without a doubt. And knowing how predicable the media is it will be broadcaster every hour minutes wks mths yrs.

      • Sean M Says:

        You’re right Jen, the media would go into a hysterical fit… The media are leading the “scandal” mob, hoping to build up a narrative until the next election by screaming “scandal” at every incidental fart… of course if the “scandal” leads to NDPeers or “Liberals” then, presto… the “scandal” magically disappears and the media are no longer interested… Although, as the media hope, the damage to the Government will be done. This is because it’s not about “scandal” for the media, it’s all about labeling the Conservative Government as somehow “scandalous”, whether it’s true or not doesn’t matter to the media. Constantly carpet bomb the Government with hysterical manufactured smear campaigns without evidence up until the next election, at the same time giving the NDP and “Liberals” a free ride. Predictable maggots that the media are.

        • Jen Says:

          Sean M. have you read what I wrote below about the ndp taking or accepting money from the american union which is against the election rules: check it out.
          The ndp have the media and the liberals so wrapped up around their little ndp finger that none can breathe or utter a word of indifference.
          Pat Martin flat out told Evans Solomon ‘that, the liberals took 56billions from the EI funds’ which they never put back and guess what Evans did-nothing abosutely nothing because it was ‘TRUE’. Now if a conservatives had mentioned it to Evans, bet ya that he will shut him before he cpc gets the chance to finish his statement. Which Evans does regularly.
          In other words, ALL MEDIAS ARE SCARED ‘SHITLESS OF THE NDP. The same NDP that want called our soldiers ‘war criminals’ and want to shut down the economical engine of Canada- the Oilsands.

  13. David Blackburn Says:

    Are you seriously calling for someone to resign for lying to Parliament? If that became the norm the Conservative front benches would be emptied in a week.

  14. Jen Says:

    Since the opposition love the Elections Canada and will ‘Try’ to follow the rules and since the media want the canadians to continually have lapse memory; here is a reminder:

    US Union Funding NDP – Alberta Outdoorsmen Forum
    29 replies from April to May 2011

    U.S. union contributed to NDP 3 DANIEL … sent to the NDP in Ottawa between 2007 and 2010. Records show the American union … but one case union money actually went to provincial NDP …


    Here’s another:

    United Steelworkers Caught Contributing to Far-Left Political …

    … Why is the United Steelworkers taking its members’ money … that shows tens of thousands of dollars sent to the NDP in Ottawa between 2007 and 2010. Records show the American union …

    http://www.laborunionreport.com/portal/2011/04/canoe-ca-u-s-union-contributed-to-ndp-canada... ·

    Have you notice that the msm are ‘DEAD SILENT’ on this.

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